The Gates of Hereafter

The Gates of Hereafter is a gate way into the Afterlife world. Where those of passing are either still standing for unanswered questions or walking a trail in order to be reborn again. The Afterlife world is ruled by Lord Aphelion the first ruler of the Light. The gates are located among many places on different planets and in heavens and in Hells. They mostly seem as just old relics broken or covered in vines. Only a hand full of people really know what they are for and where they are all located. In order to pass into the Afterlife using a Gate of Hereafter one must meet many requirements. Three keys are needed first to be place into the circles of the ground of the gate each key has three sets to them that must be found and put together. But only three people that have the power of the Prophecy circles are able to use these keys. One must also fulfill the need of a few Angles of both light and dark to stand in circles on the gate with the main key in the middle of the Gate only the main key is a person that knows the hymn into the next world.


  • At one point it is notice by Lord Kazumi that Lord Tohshaka has part of the light key on display in his castle as treasure he found not know what it was for. Later on Lord Kazumi takes it from his castle and giving it to Lord Christopher.