Chris slumped back as he pushed his plate on the glossy wooden dining table.
"I'm done" sighed Chris as he examined the half eaten pancake covered in butter and syrup.

Toh and Karissa sat adjacent across from Chris and Toh looked up from his book and Karissa stopped peering at her phone as they looked at Chris simultaneously.

"What's wrong?" asked Karissa, "normally you devour the pancakes that Dias makes..."

"They're not the same" responded Chris, "not when they have to be reheated, because dad didn't make them just now..."

Toh looked quietly over at Karissa.
"it's finals week" said Karissa as if to answer Toh's look of concern. "The final schedule is different from the normal class schedule, so Dias had to be at school alot earlier before usual and before Chris was even up."

"Well just get up earlier Chris?" suggested Toh, "not so bad is it?"

"I like to sleep in" said Chris, "its not just cause of finals, its the damn school budget cuts too, they're messing up Dad's and Akira's time to spend with me!"

"Even though Dolphin Park is a private? The budget is affecting that school?" asked Toh.

"Yes..." responded Karissa, "it's ridiculous how a public government budget can affect who goes to school and who doesn't. They're only keeping the best students at Dolphin park to reduce class size and cut off some teachers. The private school barley has big class sizes to begin with. The "killers" also trying to destroy several buildings a few weeks back at that school didn't help either."

"Those "killers" are even going as far to attack the schools" Toh rolled his eyes as he referred to the dark shadow monsters that had been killing several angels with ease lately. "Why would they go to Dolphin Park?"

"Cause Dad and Akira are there!" Chris whined a bit in his comment.

"That and there are several other angel students attending Dolphin Park, though they choose to remain secret, I'm sure the "killers" can sense what or who they are" added Karissa.

"Why not just go to school in Heaven?" asked Toh

"That would be a lot easier" replied Karissa, "but all angels have different schedules, either they'd rather go to Dolphin Park for the academic programs or because they'll be closer to their families and friends, not full angel blood runs in all familys, so only the kids may be angels as rare as that happens."

"I just certainly hope the "killers" don't come here" moaned Chris.

"Yes" Karissa watched as Chris laid his head on the dining table. "Dias is teaching all his angel students and his regular students combined in one finals class today."

"You still have the class 9, indestructable shield up right?" asked Toh.

"Oh of course," Karissa sighed, "but the "killers" broke through so called indestructable shields a few weeks ago over on Saturn and Neptune. I have a mere one-third of my power up unconsciously powering the shield around my house 24/7. If need be, I can put more of my power towards it consciously while also fighting for the life of my family."

"And us angels will be standing by to assist you to help your family" responded Toh gently smiling. "I hope it doesn't come to that but if need so, we will help you."

"Thank you" said Karissa with a small smile. "I just hope it doesn't come to that scenario either..."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * *

The young boy with black and streaks of violet hair eyed the modded Wii remote, hesitating but the flicked it towards the large auditorium screen. A pair of virtual dice interacted with the remotes sensor and flung onto the virtual game board. A 6 and a 2 landed on the screen.

"Good job" said Dias warmly standing on the stairs over next to the approximate 90 students sitting in his class spread out across a few hundred chairs. The auditorium was barley lit and really dark besides for the lit auditorium screen and the light coming from Dias's laptop running the programs displayed on the auditorium screen. "Move 8 spaces T-chan".

Kotetsuo glared slightly at Dias with an annoyance and watched as his playing piece moved across the "S" shaped gameboard on screen. He clicked the remote and a question came up.

"Oh this is an easy question" said Dias as he eyed the screen. "Where on planet Earth, was Fencing started?"

"France..." yawned Kotetsuo as he sat down and passed the remote to Nix.

"Excellent" praised Dias, "alright Nix your turn!" Nix had already flicked the remote at the screen and a 4 and a 3 landed on the screen and Nix playing piece moved seven spots.

Several students chatted amongst each other in the auditorium.
"Quiet!" commanded Dias as he read the next question "in sword making, what does the term "drawing out" refer to?"

"ummm, making the metal thinner to shape the sword?" replied Nix quietly.

"Correct!" praised Dias.

"This final is borrring!" commented one student who always liked to slack off. Dias eyed the student quietly, he never liked the kid but couldn't show it either.

"Well" said Dias, "it's a lot better than making you all write a paper like most teachers are having you do for finals and with this you can get extra credit. If you're not at all interested in the art of swordsmanship then I don't know why you're wasting your time in this class."

"I just wanna know how to fight with a sword, not learn about where they're from, how they're made!" responded the student.

"To know how to handle a sword, you should know the history and methods behind using that sword", replied Dias as he shrugged and walked towards his laptop at the base of the stairs to check on a message, "otherwise it's just as pointless as owning a gun without ever having been trained to fire one."

"Well!" responded a really high odd voice coming from the back of the auditorium "I was never trained to fire a gun and I can use one just fine!"

Dias turned at the sound of the odd voice and saw a tall blond young man about his age, that had a strikingly odd presence. 'Where have I seen him before?' thought Dias to himself. Dias glanced about the room, his students seemed confused and Kotetsuo looked at Dias with a shocked look.

"What are you doing here?" asked Dias, trying to handle the situation calmly as he gulped. He saw several of his angel students slowly rise out of their chairs and turn around to face the back of the auditorium where the tall man stood. 'They feel it too' realized Dias, 'he has an immense presense!'

The young tall man with blue eyes starred at him and quickly drew out his weapon, a golden pistol. Before Dias could react, he fired the gun. Dias felt himself fall to the side of the bottom of the stairs and staggered to climb into a seat.

"PROFESSOR FLAC!" several students cried at once and got up and rushed to Dias's side.

"Urhngn" moaned Dias as he held his chest, he tried to keep calm as pain spread through his body, "kids, go get help now! Go get Kain to alert everyone on campus!"

"But Mr. Flac...there's monsters at the door!" one kid cried as he tried to help Dias up. Another girl cried as shadowy creatures appeared, blocking the back auditoriums entrance to the main campus from behind where the tall blonde man had stood.

"I'll go get help Dias!" cried one girl Renee as she pushed open the front auditorium doors and stared into the cold foggy morning at gold steps going upwards. "Come on!" Renee cried to her other angel friends to follow her. "We can go out this way towards the balcony and fly down to get help!"

Dias watched as his students tried to help him up, some students tried to run out towards the back exit but avoiding the "killer" and others followed Renee towards the front of the auditorium. Other students, mostly the non angel private students seemed too terrified to even move from their seats. Dias clutched his side painfully.

"You're not going anywhere little brats" growled another voice. A man with dark black hair and bright pink streaks jumped down onto the balcony from atop the stairs. "You're all staying here, the revolution of angel kind is starting today!"

"What?!" shrieked Renee as she starred at Remiele's tall figure blocking her path and felt another student shove her aside as Remiele threw a lightning strike towards her, barley missing her.

"OUTTA MY WAY!" roared Kotetsuo as his demon wings appeared and he stabbed at Remiele with his psychic sword as Remiele quickly side stepped it.

"Pathetic little brat, you're in this class?" Remiele sneered at Kotetsuo.

'I wish' thought Dias. 'I wish I had that power...the one I used to return to the physical world'. Dias shut his eyes tight as he groaned with sharp burning pain in his abdomen where the symbological bullet had pierced him. He tried to concentrate on his power, feeling his white wings come out. He tried to tap into that power, the one that strange angel Hyperion gave him. At the thought of Hyperion, Dias opened his eyes in shock but all he could see was blurried vision of students scrambling. That blonde man that had shot him, he couldn't see him anywhere. Dias shut his eyes again. 'Why, why did Toh take that power away?' Dias knew Tohshaka took the power he had gained from Hyperion to save his life, but he could certainly use that same power to save his life right now, his reverse osmosis healing hadn't been working too great lately.

"I'll take care of you little brat!" growled Remiele as he grabbed Kotetsuo by the throat and threw him across the gold stairs upwards towards the balcony. Kotetsuo cried as he felt the impact of hitting the small solid gold wall of the balcony.

"Don't touch him!" growled another voice. Nemamiah appeared and waved his hands as a demonic script circle appeared underneath Remiele. Remiele smiled.

"Oh the pedophile boyfriend comes to help?" asked Remiele as he tilted his head. Remiele struggled to move as he attempted to thwart his power to remove the demonic curse off him.
"Pedophile?" Nemamiah laughed. "T-chan is nearly as old as you when you think about it..."

'Where is that power?' Dias felt himself go under, his body unable to move as he collapsed, his mind still able to think. He pictured the power, far up in the celestial heavens, his body targeted such immense powers, he felt swirling powers of light and dark and called to it.

High up in Tohshaka's heaven, the swirling strands of light and dark orbs that swirled like patterns of DNA did, responded.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Chris?" Toh gently prodded Chris awake who had fallen asleep on the kitchen table and he had carried to the living room couch to rest.

"Mmm" moaned Chris and turned over.

Toh combed his hand through his short blonde hair and his violet eyes rested on Chris sleeping, he didn't wanna wake him but he had to.

"Chris, do you feel that...something...something else is accessing our reserved power."

"Whaa?" Chris whined and turned over to face Toh as he layed on the couch and rubbed his sleepy blue eyes. ...."it's Dad!" Chris sat up on the couch surprised, his wings came out very puffy like. "But why?"

"I don't know..." responded Toh, "that's part of the extra power I took from Dias, accessing it could kill him! I don't even know how he can access it!"

Chris looked at Toh and got up and felt several shivers run down his wings.

"Noo! We gotta help my dad!" Chris responded with panic in his voice and turned towards the cause of the extra shivers in his wings.

In the doorway entrance to the living room from the Foyer stood Mizer, his tall dark presence with all six wings out, he clutched Rios hand, who was also standing by his side.

"Trouble at Dolphin park" muttered Mizer as he starred at Chris and Toh, "lets go!"

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kotetsuo glanced up, barley just opening his eyes awakening from being knocked unconcious as small specs of snow started to fall out of the sky.

"Interesting" muttered Remiele as he stood on top of the schools balcony tower and extended his hand out to touch the falling snow. Along the balcony, a large banner torn in half read "Integer Vitae" the school's motto. As the snow drifted, Remiele slowly went back inside turning his attention towards his friend's battle with Dias.

  • * * * * *

The blonde haired angel with cold blue eyes stood in front of Dias and looked down at him, standing on the stairs as Dias had hoisted himself into a chair. Coughing, Dias put his arm over his face as blue light shone around him.

"I should finish you off now, end this misery you have. Pathetic excuse for you to be called an angel, you must have developed your power late..."

Dias felt his body tense and his jaw was rigid as he struggled to speak, still clutching the pain in his chest and calling in his mind for the light power to save him. "Who are you?"

The blonde man smirked, "It's not so important to know, you'll be dead soon anyways" he announced as he drew out his symbological Golden Eagle pistol and fired.

"Noooo!" shouted Tohshaka as he tried to close inbetween the blonde angel and Dias but as he saw the bullet pierce Dias, he felt his heart ache with a heavy drop. 'I'm too late!' Toh looked and saw Christopher's horrified expression and felt remorse, just as he felt a powerful light shock wave come over him and knock him and Chris to the ground. The room cloaked in white and then darkness. Toh felt his body go limp and deafness overtook him.

  • * * * * * * *

Toh opened his eyes. The room was dark but a faint blue light glimmered. Underneath him he sensed the prophecy circle. As Toh shakily stood up, he realized he was now in his white tiger form that subconciously protected him, his purple eyes scoured the room looking for signs of life. All the angel and students were knocked out, except for one, kneeling in the middle of the prophecy circle, 6 white wings protecting himself.

"Unnn" the blonde angel was sprawled on the ground, tension radiated from him combined with a powerful dark energy. "Dias..." he muttered.

Toh looked back over at the kneeling angel. "Dias?" Toh spread out his wings and bounded over to Dias and stood beside him. "Are you ok?" Toh overlooked Dias's body looking for signs of damage.

Feeling torn, Dias ignored the little voice inside his head telling him that he shouldn't have accessed this reserved power and wanted to explain to Toh that he was sorry but remained silent. He studied the massive Tiger standing beside him and gazed towards where the blond angel was struggling to stand.

"You!" growled Tohshaka now turning towards the blonde antagonist angel, "What business do you have here?!?! Attacking us angels?" Toh focused his gaze on the light angel and roared, stopping abrubtly as he made eye contact. The spark between the two was overwhelming in it's intensity. Swallowing hard, Toh was the first to break eye contact. "Hyperion?"

"Hyperiele" muttered the blond angel as he dusted off his sleves and picked up his pistol.

"Dad..." Dias, Hyperiele and Toh spun around to the voice, seeing Chris who was awake, calling towards Dias, already standing. "What...did you do?" Chris stared in shock at Dias' massive white wings. "Nooo!" Chris cried out and ran towards Dias as Remiele swooped in to attack Chris. Chris stopped in his tracks as he saw Mizer had knocked Remiele off to the side and was standing over him, sword drawn towards Remieles throat.

"Trying to take my prey eh?" Mizer glared into Remieles magenta type eyes. "Tell me, why are you still around?" Remiele glared at Mizer for a moment before reality hit. Separting himself away from Mizer as he mused over past thoughts of the dark lord, he shook his head. Glaring he saw Mizer backstep and Rio join his side. By this time, all the angels and students were starting to regain conciousness and the cold snow had started drifting from the open staircase down into the auditorium.

Hyperiele and Remiele eyed Dias, Mizer, Toh, Rio and Chris as well as several other angel students and Kotetsuo and Nemamiah. "Well this isn't fair..." muttered Hyperiele looking at Remiele as he stood next to him.

"We'll help make it even more fair" winked Gabriel as he stepped inside the room from where the snow was entering. The room was masked in a coldness, which made a small cloud of vapor appear whenever anyone exhaled their breath.

"We'll retreat for now!" growled Remiele as he glared at his opposers, mostly starring at Mizer. "But you best be making sure, you hit the trail behind Seraphim's castle, if you plan on getting your precious Kazumi and Xeno back!"

"What?" yelled Chris as Hyperiele and Remiele heightened their wings and started to teleport.

"Wait!!!" growled Toh as he ran towards Hyperiele, changing into his human form. He stopped right over the spot where Hyperiele teleported and lowered his head. "Damn!" he muttered.

"What's behind Seraphim's castle?" asked Kotetsuo as he crossed over to Nemamiah, Mizer and Rio.

"...the area where the "killers" are spawning" answered Mizer as his hand rested on the hilt of his sword. "You don't think this is a coincidence, do you Rio?"

Shaking his head, Rio stood and starred over at Chris and Dias embraced in a hug. "No" responded Rio to Mizer's question with such an assurance, wishing he could be wrong.

Chris smiled against Dias' throat, giving him a small kiss. "I'm glad you're alive but how...this power-"

"Must be reabsorbed immediately!" Toh cut in as his violet eyes glared over at Dias. "I'm glad you're alive but if Hyperiele didn't kill you, then this will!"

"Calm down!" whined Chrissy as Dias nodded his head. "I understand..." Dias gazed over at Toh pacing back and forth.

"No need to be upset, dear Tohshaka" said Gabriel as he went over and linked one of Dias' arms, "It just seems that Dias is able to call upon this power in the presence of your brother."

"Brother?" Toh narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, brother" smiled Gabriel.

"That is not my brother!" yelled Toh.

"Well, no, not exactly your brother", sighed Gabriel "an evil reincarnation perhaps?" Gabriel waved his free arm in the air as if to express, 'whatever'.

"This is getting ridiculous" Toh paced back and forth again. "Killers, other lords coming out of nowehere, Dias being able to access the reserved power."

"Desperate times, call for desperate measures" replied Mizer.

"Oh and Kazumi and Xeno are gone now" spat Toh, "guess I should go rescue them now!"

"We" responded Rio.

"What we should do" suggested Mizer, "is go somewhere and figure out what to do from here. Just because those two retreated, doesn't mean we won, I can only imagine it's going to get worse from here!"

"As much as I hate to admit it, I agree" replied Dias. "We can come up with a plan to rescue Kazumi at my place."

"Sounds like a good plan" smiled Gabriel "neutral area for all of us opposing lords to get along?" Gabriel winked over at Mizer as Mizer turned his head annoyed.

"Xeno's missing too..." Chrissy sighed "let's all go and figure out what to do, Dad you should rest..." Chris starred at his dad then at the remaining students in the classroom that had been listening in. "Guess your final is cancelled."

Dias chuckled. "Everyone deserves extra credit after having to endure all that..."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They reached the Flac's house just before afternoon had started. Snow started falling heavily. Karissa had already left to check out the symbological strength of the shield around their property and investigate what had happened to Xeno. Mizer, Rio, Nemamiah and Gabriel had settled down in the Flac's living room while Toh was in Dias' bedroom reabsorbing the excess light power from Dias while Dias rested in bed and Chris sat beside Dias, holding his fathers hand and making sure everything was going ok.

Slumping against the couch, Mizer closed his eyes and collected his thought then opened them again. "If I recall, I remember Karissa overstating during a time period I shouldn't bring up in front of Rio that Xeno is some sort of key for us lords?"

"What time period?" Rio gave Mizer a stubborn look as Mizer gave him back a look as if to say, 'don't think about it'.

"Well I can understand why they would want a hostage I mean...umm nevermind" Nemamiah slightly blushed as Gabriel looked over at him.

"Kazumi's one of our most powerful lords but I don't see how they could capture her..."Gabriel stated.

"Unless she went there voluntarily" said Toh as he walked into the room, "she seems to have that wreckless behavior checking things out on her own."

"You make it sound as if you know her so well..." Mizer said, amused.

"...not that well" said Toh, "it's just ...she's like the alpha female of all angels"

"and males are attracted to the alpha female..." responded Mizer.

"Nothing wrong with her checking things on her own" said Nemamiah, "but if she needed rescuing, I should have been able to read her which...I can't ...right now...." Nemamiah slightly lowered the glass of juice he had been drinking, making a strange face.

"Or she would summon angels if she needed help" Gabriel pushed his head against a soft couch pillow.

"She couldn't" stated Mizer as Rio climbed on his lap and looked up at him with concern. Toh went to take the previous arm chair that Rio had occupied and sat down.

"Why?" asked Gabriel.

"Behind Seraphim's castle, it's a total dead zone. No angelic power can be used back there, as far as we have been back there before anyways." Mizer tensed thinking about the trip him and Seraphim had made before back there. "Basically electronic devices go haywire back there, even explode. The trail never seems to end so we've never reached the end of it. We call it the 'Dead red forest.' The red leaves never stop falling back there as if it's always the season of Fall, despite the rest of the area seasons around the castle. The castle was always on the angelic real estate market for ages. It is a real nice castle and any Lord would have bought it easily, if that haunted forest wasn't behind it. Also, look where the "killers" are coming from. That's why it's a bad thing for Xeno and Kazumi to be back there... it could be a trap for us?"

"I call trap" sighed Nemamiah. "Those two...Remiele and Hyperiele...are they like twins or something? Anyways, come at us with strange powers we've never seen and if it is a dead angelic zone like Mizer said, then they'll have the advantage to us back there. I'll have to consult with Eclipse about this. He's been on his vacation for awhile now..."

"The spheres work..." Mizer stated. "I mean, I don't use the power spheres much, but the old lords powers work back there. The power of lords now deceased that is."

"So it's like a graveyard power zone then..." Nemamiah muttered. "Still...going back there. Potential death trap? Besides them, we have to deal with the "killers" remember? And 2 "killers were at the school alongside those two lords...but Dias' accessing the reserved power killed both "killers" thankfully when he knocked everyone unconcious."

"Hey what's going on in here?" Neao proudly announced his presence as he walked into the room and tried to sit on top of Nemamiah's lap as Nemamiah quickly got up and stepped off to the side.

-_- "Nemamiah?" Neao called as he laid on the warm armchair that Nemamiah had been sitting on."

"We are in the middle of a meeting..." Rio rolled his eyes as he laid his head on Mizer's lap.

"I can join in too!" exclaimed Neao as he laid on the armchair upside down with his feet sticking up in the air. A little dragon flew into the room and landed on his stomach. "Oof" The dragons small claws clung to Neao's black T-shirt.

"Anyways" Mizer started, totally ignoring Neao, "I say we take a party, me and Rio, Chris and the red forest, before it becomes night over there. We can pack the power spheres, and plenty of food. I'll construct a symbological device from the older powers in Sage's lab that would allow just enough of us to teleport out in case of an emergency."

"I'm coming along too" Ellipocenes walked into the room.

"Absolutely not!" Mizer glared over at Ellipocenes. "Have you been eavesdropping this whole time? Besides you need to stay and protect your family without Kazumi here..."

Ellipocenes rolled his eyes. "Protect them from what?" There's plenty of other angels who will watch them for me. My wife is out there you know?"

"All the more reason we don't need you out there, your cocky attitude to rescue her and try to save the day will get us killed!"


"Admit it, you are" Mizer sighed and played with a few strands of his deep blu-ish black hair.

"You have quite the ego!" Ellipocenes tried to stay calm as he talked back and Gabriel raised his hand.

"Enough..." Gabriel stood up and thought for a moment, "I think Ellipocenes should figure out a method like the one you are working on Mizer...the umm?" Gabriel scratched his head.

"Alternate method of communication" stated Mizer as he scooted, stood up and picked up Rio in his arms. "Its best we go now, figure out something to do before it gets too late. If Ellipocenes goes, then Im not! Or Rio and I can go into the forest alone!" Rio looked a little scared as Mizer teleported with him.

Chris ran into the room, "aww damn it they left!"

"Chris!" Neao called from his head underneath a pillow, "make me food bro!"

"Make it yourself!" Chris strutted towards the couch and sat down, crossing his arms in a defensive posture as he sat and thought.

"Dearest Christopher, what do you think about joining Mizer and Rio along with Toh in a trip to where the "killers" are coming from in order to help find your mom?" asked Gabriel.

" i have a choice?" asked Chris. "Of course I'm gonna look for her, as long as I know Dad will be ok..." Chris turned and looked at Ellipocenes. "You'll watch over my dad and make sure he doesn't use the reserved power right?"

Ellipocenes looked away, "umm, I? Uh yes of course, Chris!"

"Good" said Toh as he stepped forward. "I'm gonna get Dias to make us food for the trip"

"No don't!" whined Chris, "Dad needs to rest! We aren't helpless we can make it ourselves!"

Dias stepped into the room, pretending that he was feeling more rested than he was. "Why Chris, I'll make you food for the trip. The least I can do for my son." He let out a warm smile.

"Really?!?!" Chris jumped up. "You don't have to... but if you want to, i would be really really happy!"

"Make me food" moaned Neao from his head underneath the pillow.

"I'll help you Dias," smiled Ellipocenes.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Start on it damn it!" Mizer frowned in frustration as he stepped in the glaringly white laboratory tucked underneath Sage's castle.

"Alright alright" sighed Sage as he brought forth an Angelician electron microscope towards a white table with a bunch of rune codes on it. "I don't understand why you had to cause a scene in my house though. We were in the middle of a party..."

"This may help us get rid of the "killers" once and for all, maybe I can finally find a way to get Remiele to stop stalking me...though if it wasn't for him, I would have never met Xentury. Maybe that would have been better."

Sage rolled his eyes at Mizer's continuing rant.

Mizer sighed and looked over in the opposite room, through the lower bright white wall with big glass windows and starred at Seere. After a moment Mizer walked over towards his youngest son and put his hand on Seere feeling for a temperature.

"He has a fever" stated Sage. "I don't think this is the best time to do this..."

"I didn't ask for your input Sage. I paid you as a doctor to throw your ethics and morals aside which obviously you cannot!" Mizer tried to feel Seere for a pulse, as Seere laid asleep on the lab table, covered under a light blanket with wires strapped to him.

"I'm not talking ethics here" proclaimed Sage. "If Seere is sick, his body will reject the codes. I can throw morals away for a job but I can't guarantee the body won't reject something biologically."

"His body has taken worse than this..." He'll make it". Mizer lightly brushed Seeres blue hair with his fingers.

"If you say so..." stated Sage. "Don't blame me if he doesn't."

"It will be ok" Mizer tried to quietly hush Seere back to sleep as he woke up to a jolt of pain being pounded into his body through wires using intense symbology. Mizer held onto Seeres head and sat by him.

"Tomorrow" Mizer stated. "Seere and I will go into the forest alone. Seere will be enough to to take out Remiele and Hyperiele once and for all, I will grab Kazumi and Xeno and everything will be lovely..."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rio sat near the window of Mizer's bedroom and collected his thoughts, his breath catching when Mizer walked into the room.

"Did you make the device we'll need tomorrow, Mi?" Rio had almost hesitated to ask. He could sense his partner was being slightly distant and secretive, which subconciously made Rio speak quieter and become more indecisive, hiding in his shell. He didn't want to make Mizer angry.

"Yes, I did" Mizer sat himself on the edge of the long king sized bed and removed his bathrobe, his hair still wet. Steam trailed out of the bathroom after Mizer, from the shower he had just taken.

Rio got up from the window area and strided over, jumping onto the bed. He crawled towards the edge and put his head on one of Mizer's knees. Mizer slightly smiled and pulled Rio a bit closer, stroking the violet hair of his lover.

"We'll destroy the "killers" tomorrow. Seraphim knows where they are coming from. Things will go back to normal, no more missing angels..."

"You make it sound so easy..." Rio sighed. "A lot of people have been hurt, how do we know we won't get trapped back there. Especially with that Remiele guy!"

"I assure you, I won't let anything happen to you" Mizer's body felt a bit rigid. He patted Rio's hair a bit more then started to scoot up towards the head of the bed, leaning against the cushiony pillows. Mizer pulled the dark red comforter and sheets over his naked body. Rio got up and climbed under the cover as well in his comfortable pajama's.

"I won't let anything happen to you either Mi" Rio stated as he shifted to get comfortable.

Mizer closed his eyes as he laid his head back, feeling torn he wanted to say some things to Rio but kept it inside. Rio snuggled at his side comfortably. Outside he heard small rain drops pattering against the castle window of his bedroom.

"What time do you wanna wake up?" Rio asked, as he slighly opened his violet eyes glancing at Mizer's vivid clock on the night stand. 23:34, it read.

"Mizer..." Rio asked again.

"Umm..." Mizer hesitated to respond. "Lets wake up at 10am baby."

"Alright..." Rio set the alarm and climbed back into the bed, under the covers. Rio pressed against Mizer for warmth and felt his smooth chest. "Good night Mi"

"Good night."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christopher walked around his old bedroom, the one he had stayed in as a kid at the Flacs, eyeing his old airplanes. Some models had started collecting dust as Chris put a finger to them and wiped the dust off the planes wings. 'Whoever's the maid here now, isn't doing a very good job' he thought. But the room looked practically untouched. He starred at the pumpkin pie slice sitting on a plate on his bed but didn't really feel like eating it. Instead, he cut through the bathroom, through the next door into his younger brothers room.

"Yumiko?" Christopher called. The room looked near deserted. A small twin bed sat on the side of the room but a ladder adjacent off of it, went up into an area lit by small tea lights. Christopher climbed up the ladder and peered into what was almost a cave, a bed up there faced a window tucked away hidden from the rest of the room. The small strung lights just vaguely showed Hikari and Yumiko gazing out the window. The sky was a bright darkish blue and the window over looked a part of the garage and a bunch of trees. Off to the side, the backyards rolling grass stretched on a ways until it reached the lake.

"Hey Hikari, Yumiko, what are you two doing up here, so hidden away?" Christopher smiled as he hoisted himself climbing into the hidden upper bunk.

"Oh" Hikari smiled as he greeted her half older brother Chris. "Yumiko and I miss Xeno and we just felt like looking at the stars. And Seere. Seere didn't come over tonight...He said he would this morning."

"I see." Chris looked out the window and admired the view with them. "I'm sorry Seere couldn't make it." After a moment of silence of peering out the window, Chris spoke again. "We are quite lucky you know, to have such a nice view like this from the house...." Chris throught silently again, glancing over at the lake and thinking about so many things that happened with him and his loved ones in the past over there.

"Chrissy?..." Hikari asked after awhile glancing at him.

"Hmm?" Chris responded.

"Do you think you'll be able to stop the "killers" tomorrow?" Hikari shuddered, remembering the time one of the large demonic shadowy monsters had chased her in the Saturn castle. It almost got her, until Neao and Ender rescued her from it.

"I have to be honest, I'm not sure but I'll do my best!" Chris sounded confident as he winked at Hikari.

"I just don't want you to get hurt." Hikari made a little scowl. Yumiko was near passed out falling asleep on the side of her. "Mmm" he murmured, as he agreed with Hikari's thoughts.

Chris smiled and started to shift around in the bunk. "Cmon Hikari, let's leave Yumiko to sleep and go downstairs". Christopher started to climb down the bunk ladder.

"Ok!" Hikari came out after him.

Chris grabbed Hikari's hand and guided her out of the room, flicking off the light switch as he guided her down the stairs. There they met Dias, standing at the kitchen counter, done with preparing the meals for Chris and Toh to take for tomorrow. Hikari ran over to the island counter and popped a sweet strawberry in her mouth before Dias managed to shut the ziploc top on the container of fruit.

"Hey hey...those are for tomorrow." Chris slighly retorted but stopped himself, thinking he was being quite harsh over a strawberry.

"There are plenty more" Dias smiled, as he handed Chris a strawberry from another package.

"No word on Xeno yet daddy?" Hikari looked up at Dias, and although Dias wasn't her father, Hikari acknowledged him as hers.

Dias seemed hesitant to respond. "...We'll find him soon enough."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Water splashed high in the air as the sun flooded the glistening beach with unforgiving light. A young white wolf sloshed out of the water, onto the shore and shook himself semi dry, dropping a small blue sphere onto the wet sand.

"I found it Fumitaka!" the wolf happily barked.

Broken out of his concentration, Fumitaka looked over at the wolf and then gazed silently at the blue marble. After a moment, he cleared his throat with an annoying frown. "That's not it, Tsukasa..." Fumitaka waded deeper into the clear ocean, already knee high in his yellow swim trunks.

"But-" Tsukasa barked and ran back and forth on the shore annoyed "what else could possibly be buried here? I've dug EVERYWHERE!" Tsukasa's voice rose with enthusiasm as he spoke each word.

Fumitaka snorted with annoyance as he dug into the sand under the water, feeling for any small circular objects.

"Nnn" Tsukasa made a small whiny noise as he laid down on the warm beach, head resting on his paws as his eyes followed Fumitaka digging around in the ocean.

The beach was a good place for solitude and as Tsukasa rested, he felt his fur prickle on his neck. Jumping up, he turned around and started barking.

"Damn it, what now?" Fumitaka raised his stance and gazed over at another man about his size, walking along the shore. The blonde man put up a hand as if he could signal Tsukasa to stay quiet. The young wolf refused to stay quiet however. Fumitaka stood up and crossed his arms, with a fixed stare.

"You're looking for that last power orb, aren't you?" Tohshaka spoke with a serious tone.

"..." Fumitaka stood where he was without a sound, barley able to hear him over Tsukasa's frantic barking.

"Xeno already found it, yesterday before he went missing. There is nothing left on this planet of value except for the tranquility of ones mind. I should know, I'm a treasure hunter. Searched this whole area far and wide to every last detail." Tohshaka let out a small smile.

Tsukasa stopped barking abruptly as he felt two different powerful angelic auras waver back and forth between the two lords. He tilted his head with confusion.

After a moment of silence, Tohshaka looked over at Tsukasa and smiled as Tsukasa starred speechless, then Toh brushing the sand off his pants, retraced his steps leading back to his mansion, about a quarter of a mile away from the beach.

Fumitaka waded his way to the shore and put on his loose shirt. As Tsukasa jumped excitedly around him.

"Sooo, what shall we do now Fumitaka?" Tsukasa asked with eager impatience, as he glanced up to make sure that Tohshaka was gone.

Fumitaka squeezed the last bits of water out of his long blue hair and calmly spoke. "There's nothing left to do..." He shot the young Tsukasa a look that he wanted to be left alone and then teleported.

"No fun..." Tsukasa slighly lowered his head and sat on his haunches, starring out at the only ocean on AtaraxiA.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My dreams are nothing like they were meant to be...

Mizer felt himself tossing and turning in his sleep.

DaruxiA kneeled and put his hand on his son, a warm passionate aura touched Mizer's head.

"You need to find the true kingdom. And lead everyone there. You and your destined soulmate."

"What? I don't understand?!?!"

Mizer woke and sat up really fast. Rio took his hand off of his lovers forehead with shock and an expressed concern. Mizer starred at the warm aura on the bed. He had summoned his father's card in his sleep.

Mizer sighed with relief as Rio crawled over to the card, almost scared to touch it. Both Rio and Mizer were unsure what to make of the summoning of the card, as the power for the card had been inactive for a very long time since the death of DaruxiA.

"What...what time is it Rio?" Mizer looked over and raised his eyebrow questiongly as he part his dark blue fringe.

"umm" Rio looked over at the clock. "2:04?"

"Good night!" Mizer fell over on his side, hoping to pass out. The blue light underneath the accidentally summoned card faded and Rio quickly grabbed it. He traced the old angelic lettering of the DaruxiA card with his fingers and shoved it under his pillows and closed his eyes.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mizer had woken up before dawn. Taking the most care as to not wake Rio, he had quickly dressed into his lord's clothes and grabbed his pre packed luggage bag outside in the hallway. Making his way down the spiral concrete staircase, he gazed at the fireplace where him, Rio and Seere had enjoyed making S'mores last night. Now the fireplace was all cold and ashy, and Mizer turned down the dark hallway to the very end, meeting Sage in Seere's room as they had planned.

"Morning sir" Sage yawned a bit, and then drank some of his coffee, kneeling by Seere's bed. Sage had just finished taking Seere's temperature and other readings.

"Morning Sage, is he ready to go?" Mizer notioned towards his sleeping son, curled up comfortably in the cushy blue blankets.

"Yes" Sage sighed a bit as he got up and stepped over to the side of Mizer, looking the lord in his blue eyes. "Just remember, he's only as strong as his weakest link. Don't push him too far."

"Yes, I know" Mizer stepped off to Sage's side. Seeing his son sleep so comfortably, he almost didn't have the heart to wake him up. Instead he grasped Seere in his blankets, picking him up and quickly, nodding at Sage, he teleported.

Sage sighed as he went over and sat on the bed. "...I hope everything goes ok."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"Mmmm?" Chris turned over in his sleep, the sheets had been thrown off him unconciously as he endured weird dreams. Akira huddled for warmth in his sleep under the last blanket, on the edge of the bed.

Tohshaka overlooked the younger lord of light sleeping in his plaid boxers and white shirt. He was sleeping on his back, arms and legs thrown back, spread out. Toh tried to ignore the open suggestive position as he probbed Chris awake.

"Wha-what?" Christopher sat up slightly and rubbed his sleepy eyes. Tohshaka smiled warmly. "Time for us to go, my lord."

"What timeee is it? I thought we were meeting up with Rio and Mizer...what time were we supposed to meet up again?" Chris rolled over and checked his phone on his nightstand. By then Akira was starting to stir awake.

"I have a feeling, Christopher. That Mizer and Rio may have tried to start without us. If we want to find Kazumi and Xeno it's best we leave as early as possible. They've been gone too long already!" Tohshaka stepped out of the room and slighly closed the door to the only room upstairs. "I'll leave you to get dressed then."

"Akira?" Chris called to his lover and told him how he may not see him for awhile but Akira vaguely responded. Chris stepped out of bed and digged around in his dresser for suitable clothes. He decided to skip the shower as he did everything else to prep himself to look and smell good as he could sense Tohshaka was in a hurry.

"You used to be the opposite..." Chris grumbled as he walked down the stairs, "you used to always like to sleep in. Like I do. Until you got this "serious" job position". Chris quoted the word 'serious' with his fingers as he looked at Tohshaka.

Toh slowly looked at the ground. "I used to be a lot of things...if only you knew what I have been through."

Chris followed the other lord outside of Akira's house, thinking how was it possible that such a pampered lord could have been through so much. He silently starred at the other teacher's houses on the circular street and Kain's house in the middle and thought of the fight at the auditorium during his dad's final yesterday.

"We'll get them this time Toh..." Chris stated eagerly.

"Yes." Toh nodded and took Christopher's hand and teleported.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Golden leaves fluttered through the front area of Seraphims castle as Mizer clutched Seere closely to him. It was cold and foggy, overcast. Decorations had been strung about the front of the castle for the holiday of Saturnalia but there were no angels in sight. Usually there was always a group of angels here or there on the plaza in front of the castle, by the fountain and a vendor or two. But today, it was cold and empty. Seere began to stir in Mizer's arms as Mizer shifted his baggage on his shoulder and attempted to hold onto his son in his arms.

"Mizery!" the voice echoed across the plaza, all too familiar. Seraphim opened the great front door of the castle and ran out to his best friend and fellow lord.

"Glad to see you remembered" Mizer kneeled down, letting Seere stand and look around as Seraphim gave Mizer and Seere a quick hug and took Mizer's baggage. "Hey uhh, where's Rio?" Seraphim glanced around a bit warily of the plaza's surroundings.

"He's not coming." Mizer stated as he folded up the blanket and patted Seere on the head.

"What do you mean?" Seraphim grabbed Seere's hand for a bit then gave him a noogie, starting to lead them back to the castle. Right inside the doorway a few angels poked their heads out.

"Get back inside!" Seraphim joked as he saw them peering out and looked over at Mizer. The dark lord nodded slightly in amusement as he guided Seere inside the castle.

"Greetings, Lord Mizer" said one angel with light violet hair. She smiled and semi followed Seraphim and Mizer to Seraphim's room towards the vast back of the castle. Seraphim waved for her to go and she bowed. "Let me know if there's anything I can get for you!" She let them be.

Even though the outside of the castle seemed dead, there were several angels inside, cooking, playing games, decorating or organizing gifts. The angels were scurrying about and it was slighly noisy like the plaza usually was. However Mizer sensed a slight fear in the aura of all the angels combined and Seere let out his small back black wings, pretty and puffy.

"Yeah there a bit scared. They don't go outside anymore really" Seraphim was explaining as he threw Mizer's baggage on his bed and went with Mizer to a smaller room with a large window in it across the hallway. The window could view the entrance to the 'red dead forest' which was sealed off with symbological spells. Fumitaka rested alongside Kronos in an arm chair in the small room as Mizer and Seraphim and Seere walked in. HellFire starred out the window. His red fur pricked with tension.

"They're afraid we'll get attacked again" HellFire helped to explain to Mizer the vast number of angel deaths around the castle the past two months from the "killers".

"The dumb broads hang out in packs, but they do anyways this time of year with Saturnalia going on right now" said Kronos, Mackwell's oldest son in agreement.

"Sooo umm Fumitaka here, he says Xeno got the last orb you need Mizery" Seraphim punked around as he hit Fumitaka on the arm. Fumitaka sat motionless still gazing out the window.

"Dad, where's mommy?" Seere looked up at Mizer with slightly scared eyes, wondering what exactly he was doing at Seraphim's castle.

"You needa retrain him to call Rio something dif-" Seraphim slightly joked but stopped when Mizer cut him off with a cold glare as Mizer kneeled down and attended to Seere.

"It's time we start" HellFire growled, "I'm ready when you are, Lord Mizer!"

Mizer looked questiongly at the wolf as he petted Seere's hair then stood up. "No" said Mizer. "I'm going alone."

"What!" HellFire slightly barked, "you can't be serious! They'll kill you in there! You're supposed to be going with the others! Wait until I tell Lord Rio..."

"Let him go!" spoke out Fumitaka. "If Mizer so wants to prove the lord he is, then he can handle a little adventure by himself! We'll be better off without him if he so happens to die!"

"Exactly" spoke Mizer knowing one of his fellow lords he hated was jealous of him. Mizer looked a bit shocked as he felt Seere cling sharply to his leg.

"Nooo!!" Seere cried as he clung to his father, "I don't want you to get killed!"

"Oh boy, see what you did" Kronos sighed, he hated hearing children cry. HellFire nudged against Seere trying to comfort the young boy as Mizer kneeled down again.

"Everything will be ok! Mommy will be here soon!" Mizer spoke calmly starring into Seere's eyes and after a brief moment he looked at up at Seraphim and nodded. "Let's go!"

Moments later, Seraphim and Mizer stood outside the symbological shield of the forest. Inisde, the forest seemed to stretch on for eternity. Seere watched through the window sitting next to HellFire as Chronos and Fumitaka stood watching.

"You know the drill" Mizer gazed as Seraphim removed the shield from the forest. Mizer stood and quite suddenly starting to feel around for his father's card and realized it wasn't with his luggage either.

"Something wrong?" asked Seraphim noticing Mizer gave a slight hint of panic in his mighty aura.

"My father's card...Rio has it", Mizer stated, trying to keep his calm.

"Wow, you actually let him hold onto that. I thought you didn't trust-"

"I accidently summoned it! Oh man Seraphim..." Mizer looked the other way up into the window at Seere and the other angels starring at him then quickly gazed away embarrased. 'Shit' he thought.

"Look man, just wait a bit" started Seraphim, "you said Rio would get here soon so why not just wait for him?"

"That's the thing!" growled Mizer. "Rio won't let me go alone and I don't want him going. He could get killed in there!"

"Oh, so you meant to leave him behind didn't you? Should have known..." Seraphim sighed and then thought for a moment. "You want me to go get the card then?"

"No, he'll...just" Mizer thought and steppped backwards and heard the voice he was afraid to hear.

"Going somewhere?"

Mizer and Seraphim spun around as Rio stood to the side of them about 10 feet away. The violet haired teen held up the card of DaruxiA and glared angrily at Mizer.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Look Rio" I can explain, Mizer stepped backwards as Rio stepped towards. Then much to Mizer's amazement, the young lovers anger turned to sadness and Rio came rushing, crying into his arms.

"How longer are you gonna keep doing this to me?!!?" Rio cried angrily into Mizer's chest as he rubbed his violet hair back and forth. Small head wings popped out as Mizer clasped his arms around Rio.

"I didn't want you to get hurt Rio..." Mizer barley wanted to say anything.

"You're hurting me by leaving me. JUST ditching me and I have to come find you..." Rio shuddered a bit and gathered his thoughts. "If you wanna go, then just go!" Rio slightly pushed at Mizer, throwing the DaruxiA card on the ground. "You think I'm not strong enough to go with you."

"Rio, honestly. I didn't want it to be like that..." Mizer eyed the card on the ground with a slight sadness, "I was hoping this would be a quick in and out trip. If not, I didn't want you to be stranded out there."

"I'd rather be stranded with you, then lose you for a very long time!" Rio tried to stop being needy but he felt he needed Mizer with every breath in his body and wiped at his face with his long sleeve shirt.

"Very touching and all" Seraphim stepped forward, "but the shield is open and I suggest we do something before "killers" come and take advantage of us!"

"Then lets go!" Mizer walked over towards the entrance of the red forest and stopped dead as he glanced over at Seraphim and Rio. Above them, Fumitaka, Rune and several other's watched from a large seeing window of the castle.

"Maybe...we shouldn't leave so fast Mizer?" Rio suggested, hoping Mizer would take the lead and let them think things over first. At the thought of that, two darkwingers came rushing behind Seraphim and Rio.

"My lord! White wingers. Two of them! On the way here!" the scrawny blue haired angel yelled.

"Yes!" exclaimed another angel running over to Seraphim, "what should we do!"

"Nothing!" yelled Rio as Seraphim shot him an evil look. "It's just Toh and Chris, after all Mizer said we would all go TOGETHER!"

"Chop chop!"

After a split second, Seraphim turned toward his angels and smiled as a handful of them gathered around. Seraphim talked to them all for awhile, gathering information.

"If Toshaka is on my territory, of course we attack!" Seraphim flapped his wings angrily as he initiated a plan and started towards the castle, knowing the lightwingers would arrive on the other side.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Seraphim!" a voice roared. The roar was so loud that the red massive castle belonging to Seraphim shook and old debri tumbled down the sides of it.

Birds scattered among the bare branches and into the grey cold sky as a massive white tiger and light blue haired matured teenager stood at the front of Seraphim's castle near the water fountain on the plaza lined with grey-ish red bricks. Around them, swirls of light and dark wavered in and out in powered orbs that all floated simultaneously in synchronized spirals off the ground.

"I still think we should have snuck in quietly..." Christopher stated. "I think Rio coulda met us first, wouldn't that have been better?"

"It's best we announce our presence, dear Christopher" Toh replied calmly in a telepathic voice, "after all, I would not wish of them to sneak into our kingdom unannounced."

"But they would sneak in our kingdom unannounced anyways..." Christopher sighed.

Toh tilted his head and gazed at Christopher with calm violet eyes. "Perhaps they sneak because that's what you expect them to do. Since we do not welcome them in our heavens."

"I'd welcome them if they behaved...besides telling Rio first alone is still announcing our presence" Chris added.

"I think our presence is well known now" Toh motioned towards the front of the castle.

Christopher and Toshaka looked up and starred as Seraphim walked briskly towards them, alongside Mizer and a reluctant Rio. Tohshaka's fur bristled slightly as he felt dark wingers in every direction gather around them on the half circular plaza. He mostly glanced at Seraphim with an ice cold heart.

"What is your intention of coming here?" Seraphim messed with his silver-ish hair as his red eyes gazed at Toh and Chris.

"We are to accompany Rio and Mizer in the forbidden forest!" Christopher stepped forward and responded with an annoyance in his voice. "It was our agreement yesterday!"

Seraphim glanced over at Mizer as dark wingers hissed a hushed low angelic chant for "attack, attack".

"Really now?" Seraphim glanced over at Mizer and smiled.

"Yesterday was a different it no longer applies. We don't need them." Mizer spoke to his friend as Rio opened his mouth to utter a protest but stopped.

Tohshaka braced his wings in an attack posture, crouching very low to the ground, studying Seraphim's body language somehow knowing that an attack would break out the very next second.

"Nooo!" shouted Christopher as he rushed forward, recognizing Tohshaka's body posture for attack. At that, Chris saw himself surrounded by a defense shield. Toh leaped high off the ground as Mizer counterattacked Toh and knocked Toh to the side.

"Mizer, stop!" Rio shouted as he looked wild eyed and glanced over at Christopher seeing him trapped. "What the-?"

"You promised to let me help Toh!" Christopher spat as he summoned his sword with a blue flash and knocked it towards the defense shield that Toh had surrounded him with. "YOU PROMISED!"

"I promised your father, I wouldn't let you get killed!" growled Toh in a vast reply as he ran around the fountain and struck at Mizer knocking him to the side against a wall, inflicting a deep gash on Mizers side, as an angry Atsuaki leaped on top of the furious Toh and stabbed his sword deep in the tiger's back.

Toshaka hissed with pain as Seraphim continually shouted orders at Atsuaki to injure Toh further. The blood rushing down Toshaka's pelt made most of the dark wingers shout with great enthusiasm. Chants of "kill, kill" in Angelicy could be heard everywhere. Beside Seraphim, Rune stood, wanting to escape the noise and trembled at the sight of the blood and Seraphim's anger. The battle had taken off so suddenly that it seemed almost surreal.

"Atsuaki! stop!" Rio shouted angrily with tears as he tried to hoist Mizer up with his body weight. Mizer groaned and tried to get up but could barley stand. Tohshaka had inflicted a bad gash on Mizer's side, near his left hip. Rio noticed the gash had a deep curse and his eyes widened as he realized this wasn't a normal angelic duel or quarrel as Rio was most used to all these years, this was an intentional final fight to the death.

"What do you want me to do squirt?" Atsuaki growled with hesitation as it had been Seraphim who had summoned him to fight.

"Obey me Atsuaki!" yelled Rio as he struggled to heal Mizer, despite the curse.

"Finish him Atsuaki!" Seraphim's voice echoed loudly despite the consistent shout of dark wingers and the clash of Christopher trying to break the defense shield with his sword. "Finish that fool and show him the dark kingdom will triumph! In the end everyone will be darkwingers!"

In the midst of the plaza, Tohshaka ran with Atsuaki's sword stuck in the midst of his back in between his shoulder blades, around the fountain area. Atsuaki now tried to catch up to the tiger but was becoming out of breath as he tried to dodge every dark and light orb striking at him from several different directions. Tohshaka focused his mind to keep the orbs striking at Atsuaki as a distraction while running and dodging the attacks of other dark wingers and keeping the shield that Chris was protected in sealed. The multi-tasking of symbology was wearing him out.

Rio was furious with anger as he kept trying to lift his hand to heal Mizer's curse. Mizer was near out of consciousness but his gaze held focused on Rio's eyes when his eyes did manage to open. Rio kept trying to break the curse on Mizer so that he could heal Mizer while at the same time, tightly shutting his eyes wishing everything going on right now would just end.

Tohshaka panicked, feeling an agonous pain in his back that made him just want to give up. In a last desperate attempt the white tiger stopped and glanced at the castle and saw most dark wingers were spectating from nearly every castle window in the front.

In an enraged roar, Tohshaka let Atsuaki have some relief dodging the orbs that contained his power and instead focused the orbs, crashing them through every single window in the front of the castle as glass shattered everywhere. After the spectators fled from the windows, the orbs returned to a DNA like spiral surrounding Toh as he collapsed in his own blood on the brick ground.

Atsuaki smirked and jumped over Tohshaka and pulled his sharp sword out of the king of light. Rio stood up and started yelling, trying not to cry as Christopher broke free of his shield, Toh's power no longer stable enough to hold the young lord contained. With that, the enraged younger light lord clashed swords with Atsuaki.

"No!" "ATSUAKI I ORDER YOU NOT TO ATTACK!" Rio shouted as thrust his arm forward, summoning a silence curse on Atsuaki. Atsuaki fell to the ground as Christopher held his sword pointed towards the purple haired dark lord's throat area.

"Don't move, or I'll slice you indefinitely!" Chris stepped on Atsuaki's foot as he inched the point of his sharp sword closer.

"Damn it!" Seraphim shouted angrily over at Rio, "don't get involved, Atsuaki's my angel! This is MY turf! Do you want us to all die or something? Tohshaka will murder us if you let him!"

"Shut up Surfy! Atsuaki's my angel too!" Rio glared over at Seraphim's angry eyes "and I'm the king of kings so I make the decisions! Does it look like Toh can murder anyone now?" As Rio spoke, his confidence rose as he ordered every angel in the area not to attack. Rune nodded at Rio in agreement.

Seraphim listened with amusement to the young dark lords orders, "You can't order me not to attack!" Seraphim spat and rushed forward towards Toh. The white tiger laid defenseless on the ground as Seraphim ran over, summoning the symbology that would end the light tigers life when he struck.

"Stop!" Christopher shouted as he dropped his sword at Atsuaki's feet and ran over to try and protect Toh.

Toh barley opened his eyes as he Seraphim charging at him. But to his shock he felt all his strength muster as he felt someone stepping out in front of him. Someone that shouldn't be here at all.

"HIKARI NO!!" Christopher shouted and stopped himself in shock as he watched his little half sister step in front of the fallen king as Seraphim came towards her with his sword drawn in a full out symbological attack.

Tohshaka roared as he stood up and tried to charge forward but it was too late. The young violet haired girl, seemingly out of nowhere stepped in front of him and Tohshaka watched as Hikari got struck by Seraphim in a blinding flash of blue light.

The light subsided and for a second all angels and sounds stopped very abruptly. Tohshaka had collapsed once again but nobody seemed to be in front of him except Seraphim leaning forward slightly panting, leaning on his sword for support. After a second all the angels glanced over at Mizer who was huddled next to Rio with trembling spliced wings. After a moments hesitation, Hikari stepped out from Mizer's arms and started crying loudly as Mizer fell back to the ground and Rio caught him.

"Rio...I'm ...sorry...for this..." Mizer tried to speak but shuddered as blood rapturously oozed out of the side of his back. The older dark lord struggled to stand up a bit. Rio saw a vicious wound even worst than the gash, from where his friend Seraphim had just struck Mizer in his back side. Mizer coughed and crawled forward a bit.

"Dad...I just wanted to help find Xeno...I'm so sorrry!" Hikari cried as she tried to go to her father and Rio stepped in front of her, blocking her path.

"Why...would I ...want to find ...the one that ...took you AWAY!?" Mizer spat the last word angrily as he clawed toward Hikari, as if to bat at her as Rio held him back and had taken off his sweatshirt in the mean time, trying to soak up Mizer's excess blood.

"Seraphim what did you do!?" Rio eyed the wound that was meant to originally take Tohshaka's life.

"It wasn't intended for him! I didn't do anything!' Seraphim growled, "I DID NOTHING!" Seraphim gazed at all the surrounding darkwingers who had eyes on him.

Rio gazed evily as his dark power swirled about the plaza and sparks flew amongst the ground.

"If you had did nothing, then Mizer would have never gotten hurt! You should have never attacked anyone in the first place!" Rio eyed the deep wound on Mizer again.

All the darkwingers starred on in silence as Seraphim crept towards the castle, getting away from the scene. Rune had since run off to hide and the dark wingers started leaving the area, feeling Rio's immense darkness aura as Christopher knelt over Tohshaka, healing him as best as he could.

Atsuaki pried at the curse on his neck and felt his neck almost snap as he ran out of breath but Rio's curse let him go at the last second possible. Atsuaki's power returned but Atsuaki himself sat in front of the fountain, slightly dumbfounded. He didn't know what to say but watched silently as Rio cried and buried his head into Mizer's chest.

"This...may it, Rio." Mizer could barley speak but embraced Rio tightly and petted Rio's soft violet hair even though the clumps of his blood started to become entangled in Rio's hair. "If I can't...lift the curse..."

"No!" shouted Rio as kept crying and kept feeling more and more pain. His wings wavered and trembled from light to dark, the ground shaking violently from Rio's emotions. In a sudden movement, the young dark lord rose and ran over to Tohshaka pushing Christopher away from healing Toh and pulled at Tohshaka's furry head with a very tight grip.

"MAKE HIM LIVE!" Rio shouted as the light king started up to his feet again. "MAKE HIM LIVE! PLEASE!" Rio loosened his grip and lowered his head to the ground as tears re-wetted the dark damp blood on the concrete.

"Please..." Rio sobbed more quietly and kneeled down. "I can't heal him till the curse is did this to him...make it stop..."

"Rio..." Christopher slowly approached Rio and tried to calm Rio down but Rio stepped aside, avoiding Chris.

Tohshaka gazed at Rio's sullenness as his tail slightly lashed a bit back and forth violently, feeling the dark prophecy circle under his paws. He stood for a moment then started to calm down as he watched the young lord, and felt his heart slightly drop as he made a decision. "If not for the sake of your kingdom but for the sake of us all, I shall heal him."

Rio glanced up alongside Christopher as Tohshaka slowly walked away, the opposite direction of the castle and away from them. After a brief moment, spheres of light and dark slowly swirled around Mizer as he laid against the wall where Rio had left him a few feet away.

"Noo!" Rio shouted and ran over to Mizer as Chris chased him and held him back. "Noo!"

"It's ok, it's ok! Look!" Chris tried to point out as he held onto Rio's shoulders that it wasn't an attack of Toh's but that the orbs had indeed lifted the curse and started using their power to heal Mizer. As the orbs absorbed into Mizer's body, Mizer stood up and Rio grasped at him with open arms and cried the last tears he could manage to cry that day.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the castle that evening, most basic dark wingers had seemed to forgotten the fight earlier that afternoon as they prepared dishes for the second day of Saturnalia. Though they did remember the fight after finding a spec of glass here or there and still noticing the open windows of the castle.

"Hikari, you should have stayed home!" Chrissy silently hissed knowing he wasn't completely safe in Seraphim's castle but the hundreds of small rooms that seemed vacant, made him feel a bit more secure. He tried to cloak his light aura.

"I'm sorry but...I wanted to go!" Hikari tried not to sound whiny and instantly forgot about Chrissy's scolding as she ran to greet Seere walking in the doorway.

"Damn it..." Chris silently uttered as he climbed onto a bunk bed and sat up, summoning his sword as he saw Mizer had walked in the room after Seere.

"Relax" Mizer said. Chris studied the dark older lord as he walked in. He was in a loose robe but bandages were slightly visible here and there. Mizer combed at his long dark blue hair with his fingers and went and sat on the lower bunk, watching as Hikari fled the room with Seere.

"So much for being ally's!" Chris was on edge, feeling the dark lord's presence on the bunk bed below him. "Remember our deal yesterday!?!"

"Sorry, but ehh my friend Seraphim can tend to go a bit psycho. After all, the "killers" only haunted this area when the light wingers first bothered to come to this very castle in this dark corner of the universe." Mizer smiled and laid himself flat on his back on the lower bunk.

"To the death!" Chris scooted himself towards the wall and put a pillow up against his back as he put his sword on the bed and shuddered, trying to get some past images of the older dark lord out of his head. "You're lucky you're alive!"

"You're such a young light winger. I probably could have broken the curse easily sooner or later, it's just, I was so badly injured that I could have died before doing so. I'll admit to that much. But I also could die somewhat happy since I know I have lived past my time."

"But what about Rio, what about his time?"

"..." Mizer didn't respond.

"Mizer?" Chris slowly exhaled the question wondering if he should even bother to ask any more questions, "do you know where the "killers" came from?"

"..." Mizer sighed and rolled over onto his stomach, slightly glancing to make sure he still had his card of his father DaruxiA in hand. "All I know is, those "killers" are from a different dimension of time. I can't tell you any more than that."

"Really?" Chris asked as was scratching his head, thinking the last sentence Mizer had said was kind of lame.

"Where's Tohshaka?" Mizer briefly cut in as he sat up again and briefly brought out his dark back wings slightly stretching one of them.

"I don't know..." Chris hated to admit, feeling alone with only Hikari present with him in Seraphim's castle and Chris wondered if Mizer would use it to his advantage if he knew he was alone. "He kinda just walked off right before he healed you...I haven't seen him since."

"Ahh" said Mizer. "Well, he's probably around here somewhere." Mizer stood up and glanced over at Chris as Chris suddenly perked up with tension. "Well, get some rest. We leave early tomorrow as we should all fully be recovered by then."

" now we are all going together?" Chris studied Mizer's expression, thinking the dark lord was lying.

"That was the plan obviously..." Mizer walked towards the doorway. "Food's in the main hall, first floor if you get hungry." With that, the dark lord walked calmly out the door and down the hallway.

Chris listened until Mizer's footsteps disappeared and then puffed out his wings. 'I wish he kinda stayed now' thought Chris to himself. 'Where are you Toh?'

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I know the real reason you attacked tonight."

Seraphim looked up towards where the voice came from, on the balcony of which he stood at his castle, gazing out over the entrance to the red forest. In the dark sunset of orange against a blu-ish black sky, he saw Toh's distinct silhouette and perked wings for balance, standing on the tip of the castle's tallest tower.

Drawing out his sword Seraphim stepped to the midst of the balcony as Toh bounded down to his side and transformed into his blonde human form. Seraphim sneered and after a moment, lowered his defense, thinking a little talking couldn't hurt.

"Yes, you know quite well", Seraphim replied and watched as Toh leaned against the balcony, resting his arms and elbow on top of the rail and gazed out. Seraphim questioned as to how calm Toh was able to remain despite earlier and wondered if he should take a cheap shot at the light lord.

"I know you will not strike at me, for you are curious of what I have to say..." Toh slightly looked over at Seraphim with amusement.

"Why didn't you let Chris fight?" Seraphim asked as he went to the rail and leaned against it as well. A cool breeze lifted through the air past the lords.

"It wasn't his battle, he is not to fight for a past sin that I committed" Tohshaka spoke quietly, "plus I promised Dias I would protect him with my life."

"So we are in agreement, the battle was really about my father" Seraphim sighed.

"Yes" Tohshaka studied Seraphim and his silvery hair flowing lightly from the wind. "Lord Valnorn. I learned quite a lot from him. Mostly physical attacks."

"Which you used against him later!" Seraphim spoke harshly.

"If only the fraternity had never misled me...I wouldn't have, I swear to you that much. I grieve for the loss of your father and many others. That's why I tried to leave my angelic past behind and followed other hobbies."

"So what happened. How did you come beside Ellipocenes and Christopher?" asked Seraphim

"One of Remiele's followers. Kidnapped Ellipocenes and Mizer. Took them to my planet, where I had been a loner for some years. Brought the "killers" with him. He died and I resumed my place as a lord. Granted, this was way years after the fraternity collapsed" Toh pulled at his sleeves and shifted his stance.

After a great moment of silence, Toh stepped back from the rail and looked up at the stars, then down towards the forest. "I heard you can't see the stars in that forest..."

" can't really do anything in that forest. Even use your symbology" Seraphim nodded.

"I figured as much. Then Mizer and I should have no trouble getting along in there, if we can't effectively attack each other" Toh smiled.

"I'll let you slide for now Tohshaka, and let you have access to the forest accompanying my best friend" began Seraphim with a now very serious tone. "Since he claims he may need your assistance. But once this whole deal is over, the second you step out of the forest, I will place a death bounty on you and I don't want to see you in this place ever again!"

"Pleasure..." Toh simply nodded and walked off back into the castle as Seraphim watched him leave.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Sooo hungry!" Chris turned over in the upper bunk and glanced over at the ice chest in the corner of the room. 'That food is supposed to be for the forest but...I must eat now!' thought Chris.

Chris eyed the floor and the second he decided to jump down and grab some food, he saw the door burst open and jumped into the lower bunk, scrambling into the blanket.

"CHRISSY!" Hikari yelled as Seere playfully chased her. The two of them crashed into the the side of the lower bunk and Hikari dropped her wrapped paper plates with BBQ chicken and other various sides on it.

"You guys scared me!" Chris looked out from under the covers and eyed the delicious food through the clear saran wrap. "But at least you brought me food!" Chris climbed out of bed towards the plate as Hikari and Seere climbed onto the upper bunk.

"I brought you food Chrissy cause I wondered if you were gonna come down and eat at all" Hikari giggled. "I know you're always hungry!"

"I see" said Chris as he reached towards the plate. Then he felt another hand touch his own. "Ahhh!" Chrissy shrieked and jumped up as Toh looked over him with an amused smile.

"Oh, it's just too fun to mess with you, dear Christopher."

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Chris complained as he grabbed the plate and sat on the lower bunk, eying the older lord of light that had seemingly disappeared. "You told my dad you were gonna watch over me and you leave me here, all alone, outnumbered in this creepy old castle! Wait till I tell dad!"

"I wouldn't leave you alone if I knew you'd be in danger" winked Toh, "plus you always tell me you can take care of yourself, so I let you this time."

"Where did you go?" Chris had already unwrapped the plastic wrap and began gnawing at the BBQ chicken and pancit.

"To scour the area" replied Toh, "and the second we rescue Xeno and Kazumi from the forest, there will be a major death wish on us the second we get out, so I suggest we leave promptly."

"Oh trust me!" Chris said as he chewed the chicken, "I already wanna be gone from here and we've spent too long already trying to find my mom and Xeno...and haven't really even started yet"

"I already went into the forest" Toh said quietly.

"You WHAT?" Chris eyes looked wide. "What, how was it...?" Chris questioned his own question with an odd expression.

"Well, you can't use your angelic power in there at all, so are you sure you want to come along?" Toh sighed. "It might be harder for me to protect you in that case." The older lord closed his eyes and thought for a second.

"How far did you go?" asked Chris.

"Not too too far. The trail never ends, eventually splits up into three paths. At that point I decided to backtrack before I got myself lost. Compass doesn't work in there and the trees heal themselves after you carve an x in them..."

"That's just creepy!" said Hikari listening in with Seere.

"Well, yes" agreed Toh as he pulled at his earring. "Anyways, let's get some sleep"

"Yeah..." Chris sighed as he agreed, "gonna be hard to fall asleep without Akira tonight..."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Mnnnghh" Rio turned over on his side as Mizer nibbled at his neck.

"What the matter, baby?" Mizer wrapped his arms around Rio spooning him.

"Nothing" Rio replied, wanting to get some sleep. The young lord felt tired after crying all day and exhausting his powers simultaneously. He also felt slightly weird being intimate in Seraphim's castle, even if there was several walls of privacy.

Mizer rubbed his hands down Rio's thighs, feeling his very smooth body and caressing the young dark lords bottom. After a few seconds, Mizer whipped his hands into Rio's shorts and caressed the uprising hard-on.

"Mi...I'm tired" Rio wanted to protest having sex because he didn't wanna get up but at the same time, didn't mind Mizer caressing his body at all.

"Well, I'll just help you get tired even faster, help you fall asleep instantly." Mizer nibbled at the base of Rio's neck.

"You're certainly lively, especially after I almost lost you today..." Rio tried not to think about it and suddenly had an odd thought of why the light lord he vaguely knew would decide to help the one he had just tried to kill.

"I'm fine now baby, that's all that matters right?" Mizer silently whispered into Rio's ear as he ran his hand up and down Rio's elongated shaft, putting pressure on the sensitive points. "You're not gonna lose me."

Rio eased his tenseness and slightly spread his legs, allowing Mizer to pull down his shorts under the covers and play with his erect penis. 'You get turned on at the oddest times' Rio thought as Mizer read his mind and let out an amused chuckle. The young lords mind wandered as he gazed around the bedroom that Seraphim always provided for them if Mizer or him happened to stay the night sometimes.

"oh my ...g..od" Rio felt Mizer stick his wet fingers up his butt as Mizer now inserted his own Penis into Rio, starting anal in a spooned position.

"Mi!" Rio managed to cry a bit as he was always tight at first until Mizer worked himself deep inside Rio for awhile.

"You know, Seraphim would let me have any angel I want in this castle but you know I'd rather be with you baby" Mizer smiled as he slowly penetrated in and out of Rio, holding him close.

"Mmm" Rio murmured happy in agreement.

After a few minutes, Mizer let himself go in a wave of ecstasy inside Rio and a long moment of hugging, Mizer got on all fours over Rio and licked and stroked all sides of Rio's shaft until the younger lord came in pleasure in Mizer's mouth.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Chris. Wake up."

Chris slowly opened his eyes and rolled onto his back, then sat up as he realized he was pressed against Toh against the wall on the upper bunk bed.

"You're up here?" Toh eyed the younger lord, "can't sleep by yourself?"

Chris couldn't help but stare at Toshaka's chest through the loose flannel satin pajamas. "Mmmm no?" Chris thought about how his younger half sister was on the bottom bunk bed anyways.

"Did you hear that?" Tohshaka notion-ed towards the window with slightly scared eyes.

"I don't hear anything" Chris flapped his head wings and sat towards the edge of the upper bunk. The room was very dark except for a lantern light outside, barley visible through a window.

After a moment, Chrissy's head wings puffed up in a shiver as Tohshaka leaped off the top bunk to the floor upon hearing a eerie screeching growl pierce the air outside.

"What what was that?" Hikari cried as she looked out from the bottom bunk, slightly sitting up and raising the sheets while in a pink nightgown. Seere was sound asleep content next to her.

"I'll go see. Stay here!" Tohshaka barked an order as he left the room and Chris paced back and forth before exiting towards the sound of the source.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The darkness swam over Seraphim like a black veil. Seraphim jumped out of the way of the "killer" and took a deep breath, he had fought "killer"s first hand before and had never let the darkness overcome him. He jumped to the side and reached for his sword stuck in the mud as a massive spiked ball whipped through the air and up at the "killer", thudding with a loud crashing sound.

Rune landed, squinting his eyes, trying to see in the barley visible darkness that the "killer" seemed to cloak the entire area with. It's massive shadow tried to devour the two dark angels in it's grasp. After a moment, Seraphim managed to get his sword and stuck it at the "killer"s back which then instantly regenerated and dark fog flew over Seraphim consuming him.

"Damn" Rune muttered under his breath as he watched Seraphim nearly perish and whipped his weapon back at the "killer", "where did these things come from?" Rune perked up his wings as the "killer" let go of Seraphim in his grasp and the dark lord fell to the ground, rolling in the damp dark soil. He laid there motionless till he heard random gunshot's fire out.

Toh leapt at the "killer" as he hip fired blindly with massive symbological bullets, trying to push the "killer" back towards the red forest. At the side of him Chris summoned massive blue surges of electrical angelic energy pushing the "killer" back as well.

"Well I guess it is a good thing you two are here" Seraphim paused with a smile as he got up and studied Toh and Chris pushing the "killer" back towards the forest's entrance.

After Toh knocked the "killer" down and Chris held it in place with a binding spell, Rune struck the final blow to which demolished the "killer" into non existence.

Tohshaka wiped the sweat off his forehead and glanced over at Chris and Seraphim nodding as Rune glanced up and noticed all the black dark overcast fog had evaporated and the light fog of morning started to show.


Chris, looked away from the forest and Seraphim and Toh and spun around. The voice as much as the apperance of his father shocked him. "Dad?" Chris asked.

Dias walked up briskly as Toh glanced amusingly and Seraphim and Rune tensed up. Not only had Dias shown up but a massive amount of angels behind him had as well.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Chris looked wide eyed and ran up to hug his father. Off to the side of Dias, stood Karissa, Ellipocenes and Neao. Behind them, Gabriel, Sabre, Kitona, and several others stood nearby.

"Hikari!" cried Karissa as she kneeled down to grab her daughter and hug her. "Why did you take off like that!?"

"I was helping Chrissy..." stated Hikari.

"You'll need this" Dias pressed a small orb into Chrissy's hand after they finished their hug.

"But why?" Chris examined the small stone that lit up with a violet hue and sparks inside.

"You see..." Dias began but stopped when he heard a sharp piercing whistle sound through the air.

"Oh, my" stated Gabriel, "quite a whistle you have there" as he smiled at Seraphim, but the dark lord glared back at him with red cold eyes.

"What's going on Seraphim?" asked Rukio as him and several other angels approached in a heart beat.

"Light wingers" Seraphim growled, glaring at the crowd of new angels.

"No need to fight, Lord Seraphim" nodded Kitona as he stepped forward. "We just came by to see if Chris and Toh had departed yet and to give our condolences."

"And to find Orpherus" stated Ellipocenes "he was here, wasn't he? Rukio came to us and told us he was here..."

Toh gasped at the mention of Orpherus being in the castle and looked as Seraphim glanced over at Rukio. "You little traitor" snapped Seraphim as he struck at the side of Rukio's face.

"Stop that!" yelled Chris as Rune shivered next to the dark lord. Rukio stood to the side, holding his cheek, now swollen with a red gash.

"Where is Orpherus?" asked Dias, "he was here earlier?"

"I don't know anymore" spat Seraphim. "Kazumi took him before she left." Chris and Ellipocenes looked up with a shocked expression.

Toh ran to the side of Seraphim, "Kazumi was here? Before she went into the forest?"

Seraphim chuckled, "yeah she was, I didn't care. Didn't know she would get lost in the forest though. Came through here with Xeno, took Orpherus and left. What about it?"

"How long ago was this?" yelled Toh.

"About 2 days or so ago? If I can recall correctly. It's all a blur to me." Seraphim eyed Toh evily.

"Then that confirms Kazumi and Xeno are with each other..." stated Ellipocenes.

"My baby!" said Chris as thoughts whirled through his head.

"Now is that all you needed to know?" asked Seraphim, "or should I glorify you with the honor of forced departing?" Seraphim combed his silvery hair with his fingers as Kronos, Fumitaka and his other angels stepped forward.

"This is not what we had planned!" yelled HellFire as he ran through the crowd of darkwingers towards in front of Seraphim and growled up at the dark lord.

"I do not want any more pathetic light wingers on these turfs! Let them be on their way so they can get off my planet a lot sooner!" Seraphim glared towards Ellipocenes and Dias coldy as HellFire exchanged a greeting with Valrion.

"It's your fault, my lord" spoke HellFire as Valrion nuzzled at his side, "leaving the forest shield down over night. That's how the "killer" got through, and that's how our angels will die! Have you not forgetten how many we have lost?"

Seraphim questioned HellFire with a stern look, "blame your own lord?"

"There's no reason not to?" answered HellFire. "Beyond this forest is a different setting entirely that you underestimate and if we do not all work together then we will not survive this era."

"Someone go wake up Mizery!" yelled Seraphim, "and one of you angels, get rid of this prophetic mutt!" Seraphim snapped his fingers as one of his darkwingers as he moved forward to grab HellFire.

"What?!" yelled Chris and Toh as Valrion growled towards the approaching darkwinger and HellFire flattened his ears.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I hope you rot in hell for eternity!" the violet haired dark lord gazed at Mizer with piercing violet eyes as he laid on the ground. He struggled to get up, but was injured.

"For me, make the maggot suffer!" growled a deep demonic voice as Mizer thrust his sword through the mysterious dark lord's heart.

"Yes, now you are mine!" growled the voice, "mine!"

And that, was the end of the line...

"There's always a little light in the darkness"

Mizer tilted his head back as he found himself laying across a wooden park bench, his head resting comfortably on someone's lap and light golden rose petals blew around as the sky took on a pinkish golden hue.

"Xentury?" asked Mizer as he looked up at his past wife.

"We get one moment, Mizer. It's all they can allow" Xentury spoke softly as she petted Mizer's head.

"...what...who?" Mizer asked.

"Just one moment...just to say goodbye."

Mizer felt tears falling down his face. "You were everything to me...and all I ever did was kill you...I'm so sorry, ....I'm sorry"

Xentury wiped away the tears on Mizer's face.

"I can't forgive you Mizer" began Xentury, "how can I forgive you when it wasn't your fault?"

Mizer rested his head in a moments silence that felt like eternity on Xentury's lap and rose petals flew gently past them in the breeze.

"You have to go now" said Xentury.

"I don't wanna go. I wanna stay here with you..." answered Mizer.

"I know" Xentury stroked Mizer's dark blu-ish hair.

"Am I dreaming?" asked Mizer.

"Yes" answered Xentury.

Mizer closed his eyes and felt true contentment.

"You have to wake up now" stated a different voice after a few moments.

    • Mizer shook as he saw his father, sitting in front of him on a circular platform. DaruxiA looked at him with gentle eyes.

Mizer felt dazed and stretched himself. He examined his dad, perched in a noble robe. Mizer looked down as he felt a black and white fluffy cat rub inbetween his legs.

"You need to find the true kingdom. And lead everyone there. You and your destined soulmate." DaruxiA spoke quietly.

"But I did, Xentury and I lead everyone to AtaraxiA...that back area through Heaven and Hell. Nothing happened! Nothing but everything I never wanted!" Mizer clenched his teeth.

"Someday you'll understand"

"You've said all that before dad!" Mizer watched as a tornado whipped around in the distance. In the middle of a dessert. "How can I understand! When you don't tell me!"

"The day is now. With your soulmate." DaruxiA nodded and disappeared. Mizer found himself standing on the top of a large cliff overlooking a neverending landscape with Rio standing next to him and felt his mind burn.

"Wake up" said Rio, as he stood next to Mizer.

"It's not time to yet..." spoke Mizer, "we have to go over there" Mizer gazed at the horizon in the distance.

"No, wake up!" yelled Rio as he pushed Mizer off the cliff.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I'm up!" Mizer freaked out and felt his body recover instantly from sleep paralysis as Rio shook him on the bed. Mizer gasped, and looked over at the alarm clock. 7:30. He gazed his head over the side of the bed and saw two yellow eyes starring immensely at him.

"Fuck!" yelled Mizer as Drakor stood there erect and motionless in his white wolf form.

"Drakor says that Toh and Chris already left!" Rio felt annoyed as he clammbered to get dressed, getting out of the bed with nothing but a small black pair of silky underwear on.

"Drakor, get out!" Mizer scratched his head as he got up to get dressed.

  • * * * * * * * * * * *

Mizer ran down the hallway with Rio, cluching his hand as Drakor ran ahead.

"You have to be kidding me, I feel....several ...aura's out there!" Mizer's voice grew more ecstatic with each word.

"Sorry to lie, Mizer but Seraphim picks a fight at the worst times." Drakor ran ahead faster.

"Damn, I wanna go back to bed" Mizer stood still for a second as Rio ran after Drakor "Cmon Mi!"

  • * * * * * * * * * * * *

"You both should have been dead long ago!" eyed Fumitaka evily towards Dias and Chris as Toh and Gabriel stood in front of them.

"You need to stop saying such foolish things Fumitaka" winked Gabriel as Tsukasa starred up at Fumitaka. Drakor growled a warning at Tsukasa as he approached.

"Ahh, there they are!" HellFire wagged his reddish tail as Rio and Mizer showed up. In front of HellFire, Kronos was fighting with Kitona which seemed to instantly stop the second that they both saw Rio.

"It's time to go, Lord Mizer and Lord Rio" spoke Toh as he transformed into his tiger form. Chris embraced Akira one last time as Mizer stepped in front of all the angels with Rio.

"There you are!" Seraphim spoke in a loud tone as all of Seraphim's angels abruptly stopped fighting. "You just had to get here now?"

"7:30 is quite early for this" whispered Mizer as he hugged Seraphim and looked over towards Seere.

"Mizer" declared Sage as he went over towards Seere. "The Rune codes were a good intention and all but..."

"Only the true kings can enter the forest" finished HellFire as he starred towards the entrance of the red woods. "No need to send that little one in..."

Rio glanced over at Seere and then at Mizer, "you were gonna have our baby come into the forest?" asked Rio maliciously.

"Yes...sweetie" responed Mizer hesitantly as he reared himself. "But not anymore." Rio hugged onto Seere as Mizer told Seraphim to take care of his kid.

"Here the secret light of truth will be used" HellFire glanced at the four lords as they nodded.

"Lets go!" Mizer, Rio, Christopher and Tohshaka stepped into the red dead forest, leaving everyone watching behind.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *4

"If the "killers" come, my dear Christopher, you promise that you'll leave me and Mizer behind and flee with Rio?" asked Tohshaka as he quickly paced along the damp dark path. The tree's above were filled with red dark leaves like that of Fall, even though it was the middle of Winter.

"No, you and I will flee with Rio and Mizer" replied Chris as he pushed at his light blue hair and paced himself by Toh. "We won't leave you behind."

"If a "killer" gets us in here" began Mizer, "then we might be done for. We can't use our powers at all right now and the "killers" have brute strength."

"We should have taken Atsuaki" said Rio, "he's a very powerful physical type attacker."

"The prophecy wouldn't allow anyone else to go with us" sighed Chris.

"If we provide a distraction then the new kings will escape, this Mizer and I can agree upon" suggested Toh.

"I don't think we should really talk..." Mizer gazed around as he walked briskly, holding Rio's hand

"Dearest Mizer" said Toh as he lifted his head and spoke in a louder voice, "I don't think anyone is out here to hear us". Toh's voice nearly echoed off lost into the trees.

"You don't know that..." responded Mizer as he looked up to see the tree branches had been becoming more bare as they walked deeper into the forest.

"Take heed. I may not know but the roses up ahead sure do" Toh stopped suddenly and nodded as Christopher broke off from the three of them to run up ahead where the continuous flow of tree's ceased to exist and the landscape broke into a meadow clearing.

Chris starred at the meadow, the fog rising slightly as white roses grew in small clumps out of the grass near puddles of water. The roses sparkled with dew and velvety red drops.

"The tears of white roses" gasped Chris, "Akira said they were very hard to find."

Tohshaka smiled as he approached with Mizer and Rio went off to pick a rose. "The tears of white roses, only exist where no life forms have treaded the past few days. So it's safe to say, there may be no "killers" around."

"But Kazumi went through here?" asked Mizer as he set the luggage bag he had been carrying around for a break.

"Yes, she may have taken a different route. I didn't see these roses before when I went into the forest on my own yesterday and I'm certain I traveled farther". Toh watched as Rio and Chris quietly talked and admired the roses.

There was then a short silence as Toh sat and Mizer stood. Then the two of them stirred.

"Lets go Rio" said Mizer as he grabbed the bag and left the meadow to head into the trees again across the other side. Rio sighed, unhappy they were heading back into a seemingly never ending forest.

Mizer smiled, "we'll be traveling around the area for awhile so don't get too upset yet".

Rio looked Mizer in the eye, teasing "I'm not upset yet".

Toh's eyes narrowed as he descended back into the narrow corridor path hidden by trees with Chris behind him, followed by Rio and Mizer.

  • * * * * *

A few hours later of constant wandering, the thick cluster of tree's broke up as Mizer, Toh, Rio and Chris glanced ahead. The last of the trees glowed a beautiful blue and reddish color.

"Awhoooooooooooooo" a wolf cry shrieked through the air.

"What was that!" cried Chris as he jumped behind Mizer and grabbed Mizer's arm as Mizer shrugged him off and stepped away.

"Wolves? Here?" asked Rio.

"I think we should set up camp here for the night" muttered Toh as he stretched up to scratch one of the tree trunks with his sharp claws. The tree's bark healed a few seconds later from the scratch marks.

"Camp here?" asked Chris, "ARE YOU CRAZY?"

"No" said Mizer as he stepped ahead. Rio followed and watched as Mizer stepped out onto the edge of a jagged blue coast cliff line, ahead a sunset shined brightly as the vast landscape faded into another set of tree's in the distant. But out of the tree's, Mizer and Rio faintly made out the top of a mansion"

"Chrissy" spoke Rio as he pointed in the distance. "Look!"

Christopher and Toh made their way to the cliff and looked into the distance. Toh emitted a low growl as Chris gasped. "A big house? Lets go there, we can stay there perhaps? What's it doing out here?" Chris tried to focus himself to teleport but to no avail, his powers were still not working for him.

"Potential enemy" Mizer scratched his long dark blue hair. "We should rest now, we've been walking the entire day, expect confrontation tomorrow."

"We should go now, the longer we wait the" Chris began to speak quieter as he thought "mom..."

"We'll be there first thing in the morning!" said Rio quickly as he unpacked the sleeping bags that Mizer had been carrying and Mizer started to get the fire roaring.

Chris sighed as he sat on a rock and looked over to see Toh starring intensely off into the distance towards the mansion. "Yeah..."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Mizer stretched, easing himself up. He squinted as sunlight shone in the distance and even though he felt like he slept a normal sleep, the sky still looked like a sunset. 'And so day whatever begins', he thought morosely to himself. The events from the past couple days wouldn't be easy to shake, and from past experience, the dark king knew that this was not over. He glanced to his side and noticed that Rio was already up. He pulled the sleeping bag tightly around himself again and watched as Rio made him hot water for his tea over the fire.

"Sleep well, Mi?" Rio asked, smiling. Mizer could not understand how Rio could be so relaxed, when the day before, he was dragged walking through the forest for nearly 9 hours straight. Mizer brushed the thought aside and thought he might as well try to enjoy the day. Their target of destination was at least in view now.

There were a thousand questions that Chris wanted to ask. It wasn't easy to concentrate when he had been sleeping in a sleeping bag on a rock all night with simple leaves to cushion between the sleeping bag and cold ground. Was there really a mansion really up ahead? Was his mom there or was it simply a suggestion that she could be there, a shadow of a much bigger threat to come? Chris felt something. This broke his train of thought. His eyes narrowed.

"Where is Toh?" panicked Chris as he sat up in his sleeping bag. Mizer shrugged, secretly smiling to himself.

"I'm up here Chris" spoke a voice. Chris suddenly turned around and looked up. He saw Toh, perched across the top of a tree branch, his white and black striped tail dangled.

"Oh, there you are..." Chris replied, matter of factly. 'I thought we shared a sleeping bag last night'.

Toh bounded down the tree and stretched as he starred into the gloom off into the distance. The sunset shone on steadily. His heart resounded as he glanced over at the distant mansion.

"It's too easy" Toh muttered to himself, "just too easy". He started to walk away along the cliff as Rio looked over at him.

"Hey" said Mizer, as he slowly got out of bed and took the cup of tea that Rio handed him, "aren't you gonna wait for us?" Mizer sipped the warm tea, feeling it run down his dry throat.

Toh stopped and stood silent for a minute and quietly sat down, looking into the distance. Behind him, Rio and Chris rolled up the sleeping bags as Mizer put out the fire.

"Let's go" said Chris as he started to walk after Toh. Mizer quietly picked up the bag of supplies as Rio starred at him. "Mi, I could help you carry some things?"

Mizer smiled as he watched Rio look over at him with concerned eyes. "No, too heavy for you, I have it..."

Rio faintly smiled back and glanced over towards Chris and Toh walking off and ran to join them. Mizer followed from behind.

"I can't feel my legs" whined Chris as he rubbed them but Toh strided on, eager to get to the mansion.

"We're almost there, Christopher. After this, I'll treat you to wherever you'd like to go" spoke Toh calmly despite his faster pace.

The sunset gleamed on as it changed from yellow and violet to a dark bright red. The walk was mostly silent as they walked along the cliff surrounding the waters edge. But an intense feeling was felt among the kings as they closed in towards the trees surrounding the mansion.

Toh stopped abruptly as he felt his power change in his body and his fur stood up. He flapped his wings as fast as he saw streaks of light fly past him.

"What was that?" asked Mizer as he signaled with his head.

"The orbs." Chris responded sharply as he felt up his pockets. "They're gone".

"This way!" Toh lead the way, running towards a large reddish brick wall and swung his way around it.

Mizer, Chris, Rio and Toh found the entrance around the brick wall. The wooden plank above was covered with beautiful pink roses while out in the yard ahead, stood a massive circular stone platform, the orbs resting atop it and glistening in the sunlight. Amongst the grass of the yard, were random piles of snow here and there.

"Snow out here?" asked Rio as he went to poke at the icy piles of it.

"Whats this platform doing here?" asked Chris as he circled around the massive round stone that was built in layers. In the stone were several angelic etchings. Chris tried to read it all but the message was too long and incohesive.

"Looks like the same stone build as the teleporters we have on my planet" spoke Toh calmly as he starred at the stone table.

"Something from like the Grandz Realm" added Mizer.

"What's it do?" Rio put his hand to the table and calmly pressed it against the smooth stone.

Instantaneously, the stone turned as the prophecy circle appeared under Rio's feet, spewing a flash of colors and Rio made an odd cry of surprise.

"Rio!" Mizer ran over to the violet haired teen and wrapped his arms around him from behind. Thousands of cards appeared in flashes of light and fluttered out of their grasp, attaching to the stone tablet.

"What the?!?!" Toh stood in shock and witnessed as the light prophecy circle appeared under his and Chris's own selves as well, cards spinning around them faster than they could comprehend. Chris shut his eyes tightly from the blinding white light.

Within a minute later, the lords gazed with a fixed stare as the stone tablet continously turned slowly, cards lined all around it. Mizer looked astonished as the card of DaruxiA sat near the top layer of stone, the card glowing with power when linked to one of the orbs.

"Dad?" Mizer flapped his wings innocently, feeling an aura he hadn't felt physically in years as Chris and Toh gave him a weird disturbed look.

"It feels nostalgic" said Chris to Toh as he starred at the card of his deceased grandfather Zen that he had never known, the card lit with slight power linked up to another orb.

"The orbs!" Toh spoke with enthusiasm. "The purpose of the orbs was to reactivate the powerless cards we treasured!"

"I think our power is back..." spoke Rio quietly as he tried not to cry, starring at the card of his father that Lucid had given him that slightly glowed.

"Is it?" asked Mizer, "maybe we should go back now before it's too late?!? Regroup and come back?" Mizer felt a new found freedom within his aura.

"NO!" yelled Toh, "not after we went through that forest!"

"There's one card missing" noted Rio as he looked at one obvious blank spot out of all the perfectly aligned cards on the stone table.

"What's that noise?" asked Chris as he heard something similar to what the large garage door sounded like when opening at home.

"Shit!" Mizer started to run but felt the ground cave in under him. "Rio!"

Rio screamed as he felt himself slipping down an icy vast slope. The grassy ground disappeared as Chris and Mizer slid down after him as carefully as they could, with Toh scratching the icy sloped ground with his claws, using all his strength not to slide down but failed and started to fall as well.

"Alright teleport now!" shouted Toh as he did so. Toh tried not to be scared as he saw a vast reddish world of black demons for a split second then not paying attention, he felt the impact of a wall and fell to the ground, losing conciousness temporarily.

A few moments later, as Toh began to regain concious, he saw Mizer, Rio and Chris sitting a few feet away from him in the vague darkness. Chris had summoned a light spell to make the pitch black room viewable. They were sitting on an icy blu-ish glass like floor that felt slightly cold but gave the effect that the room appeared colder than it actually was.

"A shield" sighed Chris.

"We should be able to break it!" scowled Rio.

"That's not... a shield" replied Mizer.

"Then what is it?!?" asked Rio mad.

"I don't know..." Mizer put his hand to his head.

"Atsuaki can break any shield easily!" Rio tried to summon the card but it had no effect.

"All our cards are gone. Our power is active now but..." Chris sat back. "What do we do now?"

"Find Kazumi" Toh stood up and shook himself but stopped when he heard vague noises. He looked around cautiously.

"Someone else is here" Mizer narrowed his eyes as he felt a familiar aura.

"And on the seventh day..." began Remiele as he jumped to the ground in front of Tohshaka and the other's.

"The World was..." replied Hyperiele, as he stood on the opposite side of the room across from Remiele.

"Mecuriel!" spoke a dark lord with dark violet eyes and hair as he spread his wings, standing tall in the midst of the room. Behind him stood an odd loading station with two trains on the opposite side of the platform. One train was gone, while another light speed train sat there. The train tracks stretched on into darkness, as the room was made of cold concrete and ice, a light blue hue glowed everywhere.

"I'm surprised someone had Winter's card..." Mecuriel gazed coldy at the kings. "The last card to obtain is me of course! But that's not possible..."

"Where is Kazumi?" yelled Rio, as he got up and stepped forward.

"Kazumi?" snickered Remiele.

"Kazumi is perfectly fine!" answered Mecuriel, "she went on without waiting for you all, she had the "key" to pass of course, my faithful yet unfaithful pet..."

"Xeno..." answered Toh sadly.

"You notice how only one train is here..." nodded Mecuriel towards the two train docks in back of him.

"Is Orpherus with her?" asked Toh.

"Ahh yes, the odd three winger..." responded Mecuriel.

"Orpherus...Why would she leave without us?" Chris asked angrily. "That's not like her!"

"In times like this, I don't think anyone would wait for their loved ones. Especially not in a world ravaging with "killers" spoke Mecuriel.

"Kazumi would wait!" answered Toh.

"What are the "killers"?" asked Chris, "did you create them?"

"Did I create "killers?" Mecuriel narrowed his eyes, "you have quite the "killer" next to you already!"

Tohshaka stood erect and growled a challenge as he starred at his betrayful mentor from the past.

"You may think" began Mecuriel, "that the "killers" have taken so many lives already. Or perhaps that Mizer and Ellipocene's killed plenty of angels during the war. But that kitty standing besides you killed many more times that by himself in cold blood. Alone!"

Rio looked at Tohshaka and shook his head no as if he didn't believe it. Chris gave an odd look as Mizer glared at Tohshaka, thinking Mecuriel was lying but he could somehow sense that it wasn't a lie.

"I thought you were dead!!" snarled Tohshaka.

"And yet, I stand here in front of you" replied Mecuriel coldly.

"Toh, who is this guy?" asked Chris as he examined Mecuriel.

"I'm wondering the same thing..." Mizer fluffed his head wings.

"I'll explain later" sighed Toh.

"You might as well explain to them now. There won't be any later!" growled Mecuriel.

"We are all stronger than you!" yelled Rio angrily, "stop this before you want to feel the worst pain imaginable in your life!"

"The youngest one has the strongest words" commented Remiele to Mecuriel as he smirked. "So much to learn..."

Rio starred evily at Remiele.

"It's very good you are strong and all Rio" spoke Mecuriel calmly, "it gives you a better chance to join the new order. You wanted Light and Dark to get along, well this is your chance!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Rio. "What is this place? I thought Surfy's castle was the edge of the universe! Get out of our territory!" Rio flapped his wings defiantly, "we are the kings here!"

"You thought wrong Rio. The red forest is merely a link to another world, only those destined to go beyond their kingdom could navigate it. Join me Rio, we could hybridize all the light and dark angels and create a new stronger aura for all!"

Rio scratched at his head confused and tried to think of a reply as Toh stepped forward.

"That's a lie!" interrupted Tohshaka as he crept towards Mecuriel, "you dare speak the prophecy of AtaraxiA in a bullshitted way!"

"AtaraxiA lies just beyond here" Mecuriel nodded.

"AtaraxiA only exists in a state of mind, tranquility!" replied Tohshaka. "You wouldn't understand that, because only those that can perfectly balance the light and dark can see and feel it." Toh felt the presense of the light and dark DNA swirls embrace him. "Any AtaraxiA that is created physically gets corrupted!"

"Well if that's how you see it?" responded Mecuriel. "But I could show you a different view of things"

"And why would I trust you?" snarled Toh.

"What happened to our cards?" questioned Rio as he went towards Mecuriel in an attempt to stab him. "I want mine back!"

"Rio, wait!" Mizer stepped forward and watched as Mecuriel stepped to the side of Rio's attack and Remiele charged in taking the hit from Rio and fighting back.

Mecuriel nodded and the lords watched as Rio and Remiele took to the sky, then a second later were entrapped in a pinkish shield up high.

"Rio!!!" Mizer cried out, angrily as he looked up, barley able to see Rio through the concealed pinkish hue of the shield.

"Have faith in him Mizer!" urged Tohshaka as he looked on towards the shield where Rio was contained. "His fighting has gotten a lot better."

"Remiele will KILL HIM IN THERE!" spat Mizer as he flapped his dark wings angrily.

Toh whisked himself around as he saw Chris teleported up into a shield with Hyperiele. Tohshaka roared as he starred down Mecuriel evily and lowered his head.

"Damn it, I promised his dad I would protect him..." Toh gazed on hopelessly as he saw Chris fight with Hyperiele in the contained shield.

"If that idiot manages to kill him, then I guess I can forgive Seere for his failures..." muttered Mizer under his breath.

"What?!?!" Tohshaka spun around to challenge the dark lord but noticed Mizer was too fixated on where Rio was contained. A second later, Mizer charged at the shield, only to be whiplashed to the side by Mecuriel's psychic power. Mizer struggled to regain his balance but felt pressure put on his chest and laid back down.

"Isn't it a fitting test for the young kings?" asked Mecuriel as he stepped on Mizer's chest with his boot, pinning the dark king down under his weight. "Rio get's to fight Mizer's first love, and Chris, well he's get to fight the reincarnation of the original king of light!"

"That's not my brother!" growled Tohshaka as he stepped forward. "My brother is dead!"

"Because of you" replied Mecuriel hastily. "You're the one who killed him."

"That's it!" Tohshaka roared as he charged forward to Mecuriel only to be knocked back by a neverending gust of strong wind. The lords claws scraped at the surface of the ice as he stood his ground.

"You're very much alive, Tohshaka" muttered Mecuriel as he lowered his hand, stopping the wind after Toh stopped struggling, exhausted. "As long as you're alive, so will be your brother in one form or another. You, the original kings of light were born as twins so the power was split. You may think you have all your brother's power, but all of that power is much more than you could ever handle. You'll never be as good as your brother!"

Mizer struggled as he pushed up at Mecuriels boot, trying to get free and felt the boots heel dig further into his chest. Mecuriel looked down at Mizer with a pathetic stare.

"I'm so glad she didn't pick you. Even though you wanted her..." Mecuriel stepped off of Mizer and kicked him in the crotch.

"Errrnnnn!" Mizer growled in pain as he struggled to get up, "What?!" Mizer winced confused, he felt pain in his body as he sensed Rio fighting in a different dimension.

Mecuriel looked over at Toh as he flapped his wings proudly.

"I've been in hiding all these years Toh, so that I could become the strongest angel to exist today!"

"That's impossible!" Mizer regained his balance and stood up. "If you were the strongest, I would have heard of you by now!" Mizer slightly felt his chest where Mecuriel's boot had dug into his skin, leaving a red mark.

"Not back here!" Mecuriel turned around and starred at the dark king. "Not beyond your universe. To answer Christopher's question from earlier, yes I did create the "killers!" Mecuriel turned over his hand concealing an engulfed flame as veils of demonic shadowy figures loomed in back of him.

"Shit!" growled Toh as he tensed up seeing the "killers". Mizer starred on challengingly at Mecuriel.

"They were created by me" explained Mecuriel, "to eliminate, let's say, the weakest of angels? Survival of the fittest. So only the strong would be left to multiply and be worthy to join the new order!"

"What new order?" Mizer asked angrily, "We have only had the orders of light and dark! What are these demons supposed to accomplish?"

"You, as a species, have a tendency to judge and this in itself is the downfall of your kind!" Mecuriel paced back and forth, letting loose a bunch of an odd aura as Tohshaka growled.

"I do not commit any sin. I give you a choice. You can blindly follow the intent of dark and light, the paths of Lucifer and Julian. But you creative angels have the choice to choose. It was when you judged that the dark angels fell from their place in heaven. All I am doing is giving you the space to choose that you don't have to follow either path. You can follow a new aura. A new order!"

"You're not making any sense!" growled Mizer.

"Wake up to yourselves!" commanded Mecuriel. "Begin to heal. Wash away the darkness that encases you and be free of the light! That is the new order!"

"If there is no light nor dark, then what would there be?" asked Toh. "What would be the purpose of my power?"

"You would have a new power altogether!" Mecuriel smirked as he raised his hands.

"Tonight, I'm going to show you the reincarnation of a new world!"

Several "killers" rushed forward as Mizer and Toh fought their way past them towards Mecuriel.

Tohshaka roared as he charged forward grappling with Mecuriel. The white tiger bit Mecuriel's arm as Mecuriel hit at the side of Toh's head, stunning him. Mizer charged in with his sword, summoning flashes of blue light as the three of them grappeled.

Mecuriel rushed up towards the sky, Toh struggling to hang onto Mecuriel as he whisked around. Mizer caught up and exchanged a few punches with Mecuriel, before Mecuriel caught Mizer's throat in his psychic grasp and slashed at Toh's wings.

"Bye kitty!" Mecuriel watched as Toh fell to the tracks of the rail road station and continued to hold Mizer in his chokehold. Mizer strugged for breath and felt himself getting dizzy. His wings shivered as a sound of bells echoed throughout the vast room. The bells echoed the sound of death.

At that, Mizer struggled wildly fighting Mecuriel's grasp to break free as he heard Rio scream and fall from the shield in the sky. Mizer fought back tears as he got loose from Mecuriel's grasp and hit him on the side of the face, striking a blow to his eye.

"Riooooo!!!" Mizer cried as he charged to get Rio from mid air but Mecuriel held onto the dark lords leg.

Tohshaka struggled with pain getting up and stretched out his bloody wings, taking to the sky towards Rio. He caught the young violet lord on his back as Remiele fell past them to the icy hard ground. The sound of bells stopped echoing in the room. Toh landed safely and laid down as Rio laid against him as if Toh were a pillow.

Mizer gave Mecuriel one last good kick as he flew and ran towards Rio laying against the side of Tohshaka, pressed against the lord's fur and gently picked Rio up. After Mizer brushed Rio's hair for a few seconds with his hand, he sighed relief when he saw Rio was breathing and crying.

"I didn't want to kill him...I had no choice" Rio cried into Mizer as he shuddered, his smallish frame, battered with damage, his wings changed from black to white rapidly before slowly staying black. Mizer held him close and put his forehead to Rio and let out a comforting aura.

" it's fine Rio. You did good. I - I didn't want to loose you!" Mizer nearly choked on his own words as he tried to stop crying.

"How touching" commented Mecuriel while listening to the two dark lords. "Those shields are a class 10 by the way so that's why you wondered why you couldn't break them earlier. Only class 9 exists in your world, but I have surpassed Dr. Lantis's invention and created a better version. The shield will only break when someone dies within it."

Enraged, Tohshaka looked up and towards the other shield where Chris was fighting Hyperiele. At that moment he saw Chris hit the side of the shield and growled when Hyperiele stood over the young light lord bullying him. No sounds could be heard from within the shield.

"This is ridiculous! Let him go!" demanded Toh, he stood up as the swirls of Lucifier and Julian's power coursed through his body.

"But I can't" smiled Mecuriel, "as I said the shield only breaks due to death from within!"

Tohshaka concentrated his power thinking deep, if Hyperiele was really the evil reincarnation of his brother then that meant their power was linked.

"Hyperiele is too strong!" yelled Toh, "Are you trying to kill Chris?!"

"No" spoke Mecuriel as he gazed towards the fight in the shield, "But Hyperiele is..."

"Stop this!" shouted Toh, as he focused his power and watched the fight within the shield.

Mizer randomly glanced up at the battle between Chris and Hyperiele but his mind was too focused on Rio's well being to care.

"One of them will stop the battle" smiled Mecuriel, as he stood before the three lords analyzing them.

Tohshaka closed his eyes and roared, his mind found the link in his power with the power of Hyperiele and he concentrated on it summoning a spell.


Tohshaka collapsed on the ground as Mizer and Rio and Mecuriel looked up in shock. The bells once again rang out in the room as Chris fell, trying to regain flight suddenly and Hyperiele fell past Chris screaming in pain from dark and light agonzing his entire body at once.

Chris looked back at Hyperiele dead on the ground and quickly ran over to Toh, Rio and Mizer. Chris kneeled down and tried to prod Toh awake but Toh wouldn't stir. Chris started to freak out and glared over at Mecuriel.

"What did you do to him!" yelled Chris as glanced over at Mecuriel and smoothed down Toh's fur, healing him.

"I did nothing..." Mecuriel spoke and turned around, "he did it to himself to save you. He had no faith in you to win."

"What?" Chris asked as he tried to get Toh to wake up.

"I had faith in you though" replied Mecuriel.

"We'll all have to team up, to kill him Chris. That's our last option" Mizer notioned towards Mecuriel walking quietly a few feet away, pacing about the room.

"Kill me?" questioned Mecuriel as he turned around.

"That's right!" Rio starred evily as he tried to sit up from leaning against Mizer.

"Is killing an evil act to you?" asked Mecuriel, "just wondering?"

"Not when it's someone like you" replied Chris.

"Well, when you can look upon evil acts without judgement, then you have truly entered the realms of AtaraxiA. I'll await you there."

"You're not going anywhere!" yelled Mizer.

"I am going to where Kazumi is headed right now" spoke Mecuriel softly. "Xeno is the key. The blueprint. I created him. Not only does Xeno hold my idea of seperation and duality but also the means within which to transform your world into a unified world of oneness. No longer will you see black and white, yin and yang but you will perceive the unification of spirit and matter. This was the plan that we had all along - For are we not all fallen angels?"

"Plan? Our plan?" asked Toh as he felt strength enter his body through Christopher's healing, "you think sending out "killers" into the world to destroy the weakest angels is a good plan!"

"Now!" yelled Mizer notioning as he saw Toh finish regaining his strengh. Mizer stood up with Rio while Chris and Toh got to their feet.

"Enough of this!" yelled Chris as he summoned all his energy. Rio did the same as Mizer and Tohshaka took the opening attacks onto Mecuriel.

Mecuriel wielded himself around, slightly surprised but acting as if he expected such a thing.

"This ends now!" yelled Rio as the dark prophecy circle crackled underneath him.

The icy room lit up with dark and light explosive energy, Chris put his arm in front of his face as wind rushed around the room. Mizer and Toh stood confidently lurched over Mecuriel in the air.


The room started to crumble as Toh dodged around the caving in ceiling. He struggled to get to Chris to protect him but felt his body go into shock as a massive power went through him.

Mizer cursed as he felt the strangest effect on his body, as if all his power had been wiped clean. He fell to the ground and crawled over Rio, using his wings as a last defense against the falling debris.

"Why?" asked Chris as he struggled to get up, once the smoke cleared and the ceiling stopped falling. He tried to get up to go towards Mecuriel but couldn't push himself anymore. Chris fell over in exhaustion.

Mecuriel looked down at the lords, collapsed and exhausted from their strongest attacks reflected back towards them. He stepped over Chris and began to walk away and stopped to look back one last time.

"Xeno is the blueprint that contains all the necessary information to create a new order. I am headed to 'AtaraxiA' to send out that new order. I am eager to shift into a new role. One where I will be misunderstood no more."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    The train bristled on full speed ahead towards AtaraxiA as Kazumi leaned back in the corner of a train car. She watched as Xeno laid across from her, on another set of seats on the opposite side of the train car. Under a blanket, Xeno held Orpherus and brought out his dark wings. He let out a comforting aura as he slowly converted Orpherus to a dark winger.

Orpherus clutched the blanket tightly as he felt the aura sweep over him and flapped his 3 wings in a slight confusion.

"This is for your protection" whispered Xeno as he petted Orpherus's light blue hair. Orpherus slightly nodded.

Kazumi summoned a card and starred at it for awhile, not seemingly all there. She closed her eyes and concentrated, feeling her light wings turn to dark as the train entered a dark kingdom, where she could feel no light aura's present. After a moment, she opened her eyes and looked over at Xeno and they both nodded.

Silence, all I wanna say. Tendencies to run away, I'll run away with you tonight.
Launder, all my sins away. And just like that mistakes are made, you know, Tonight the World Dies.


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