Sokhan's voice echoed through the deadly quiet suburban neighborhood as he scrambled into the family's silver Tiguan. He pushed his sweaty black bangs off his forehead as Miranda climbed into the car seat next to him, rushing to put on her seat belt.

"No time for that!" Sokhan already backed out of the driveway as he pushed the blue-tooth button on the car's dash.

"Where are you? Everyone else is over here at the hotel!" Sokhan's father sounded panicked over the car's hand's free voice gps.

"I'm on my way!" Sokhan felt himself shout in frustration as he sped down the road. "I have to go get Tana, he's frozen in fear!"

Miranda tried not to be panicky as she fiddled with her pink cell phone. But she threw it down onto her lap and looked out the window nervously. She anxiously bit her lip hoping she wouldn't see any more shadowy creatures as she stroked her burgundy hair.

"Hurry up and get him then!" Sokhan turned off the gps, silencing his father and sped over to the end of the street.

"Tana!" Sokhan watched his younger adopted brother standing entirely still in the middle of the street.

"They got him..." Tana lowered his head downward, looking at the grey pavement of the road.

Sokhan quickly jumped out of the car and ran over to Tana. "Who? Tana look, we gotta go to Hyda IV, all the angels are there, lets go right now!"

"I DONT WANNA GO!" Tana booked off running before Sokhan could reach out and grab him.

"TANA!" Sokhan shouted as he watched his younger brother run around the corner of the street. Sokhan started to give chase but stopped.

"Sokhan, get in!" Miranda yelled out the window and notioned towards the drivers seat.

"This kid!" Sokhan turned around and jumped back into the Tiguan.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"YOU are all here today because and only because you were hand chosen by me, as the best interns I could possibly have. You've all done excellent so far, but today, today will test how loyal you interns are to myself!"

Sage walked around the classroom that was located deep inside his lab, handing out papers as he talked, watching carefully through his tiny framed glasses, to see all of his interns reactions. He slammed a paper down on a young boys desk and gave him a brief look before continuing.

Andros glanced up at Sage, before taking the forced paper on his desk. He caught Sage's long stare and then glanced over and saw a pink haired boy glaring at him. Andros scratched at his brownish-blonde hair.

"You're getting awfully confident with yourself lately Hibara" smirked Sage as he placed a paper on the pink haired boy's desk next and slightly brushed at a strand of pink hair near Hibara's ear. "Doing those little scientific calculations for fun has paid off, hasn't it?"

Hibara slightly blushed as he took the paper and read it. 'Angelic Augmentations' was typed in bold font across the top.

"What's this all about?" asked a darkwinger in worry.

Sage went and propped himself up on his desk, sitting on the front of it to face his small group of interns. "Well, read through it, and you'll see tonight."

Slowly, the intern darkwingers all got up and left, but Andros remained seated and watched as Hibara shot him a dirty look and walked over towards Sage to speak to the professor quietly.

'I don't trust him' thought Andros as he folded up and pocketed the paper that Sage handed out and watched Hibara and Sage walk off together. Andros slowly rose out of his seat to go explore the laboratory hallways outside the class room.

Andros didn't get very far before he spotted Winter standing on the side looking through a glass window, watching tests being run on angels using some kind of treadmill like device.

"Hello Andros..." said Winter cooly as she turned around.

"What did you mean back there Winter, about how you found what you're looking for?" asked Andros as he approached Mecuriel's wife. Andros thought about a previous conversation with Winter before he headed to Sage's class.

"Nothing, it was just my nerves talking." Winter brushed at her long blue hair with her hand.

"Is there something I should know about this place, about Sage?" asked Andros as he started to walk alongside the older lady dark lord as they walked together down the laboratory hallway. Eventually they ended up in another beige colored room on a balcony that overlooked a bunch of machinery. Overhead an intercom echoed out that the lab was for authorized personnel only. Down below, several angels worked through microscopes and other machinery with white lab coats on.

"Hold on" said Winter as she addressed an intern angel's several questions about things that Andros couldn't quite understand.

"You over think everything Andros." Winter resumed talking with Andros as she put her arm around the younger boy. "The work we are doing here is good. We are helping people overcome their limitations."

"Yeah, except mostly everyone is dead after testing. You had a breakthrough with that Seere kid!" Andros voice rose a little.

"It's not all through Sage. We are working with doctors, actors. Mostly volunteers."

"I'm sure people need that" Andros watched through a glass window as a newly developed angel struggled to stay alive in a practice fight.

Winter stopped briefly. "You're missing the point, defense contracts keep us afloat, but Angelic augmentations will make people think faster, react quicker. It will really improve lives like yours. Sage's talked about it for years."

"Yeah, he's a good talker" responded Andros.

"And a good doctor, you have the best health care possible Andros, admit it, you like Sage."

"I like everyone..."

"Yeah right..." Winter slightly rolled her eyes. "Anyways, Mecuriel is planning a little get together tonight, you'll be there right?"

"Umm I'm sure I'll be around" said Andros as he looked off to the side.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tohshaka opened his eyes. Darkness. That was all he could see.

"Mi?" Rio slightly prodded at Mizer in the pitch darkness as Tohshaka rose to his feet summoning light swirls around him, slightly lighting up the room. To his side he saw Rio kneeling over Mizer lying on his side. Chris barley stirred in the corner of the room. Around all of them were fallen huge pieces of debri on the icy floor.

"THAT PRICK!" snarled Toh loudly as he glanced up at the ceiling. Overhead a small hole with short gusts of wind was visible in the wintery sky. A way out and no one around.

Mizer slowly got up, holding the side of his head as Rio held onto him.

"Be careful, you might have a concussion!" Rio slowly gazed at Mizer with concern.

"I'm fine, I'm fine..." Mizer glanced over at Toh.


Toh growled a warning but not before Mizer charged at him and the two of them started fighting, grappling in each other's grasp, a physical fighting ball of fury.

"STOP!" yelled Rio. The commotion awoke Chris who quickly rose to his feet.

"Hey!" Chris shouted as he charged forward with his sword out, but was barley noticed or heard over the two lords fighting.

Toh stood on top of Mizer, pinning the dark lord down, with a threat to break his neck with his heavy paw.

"No!" yelled Rio as he attacked Tohshaka. Toh stepped off the to side, annoyed as he covered himself with his wings from Rio's dark symbology. Mizer sat up instantly and rubbed at the front of his neck.

"How the fuck do you know that Mecuriel?" yelled Mizer angrily at Toh, pushing his hair back from his forehead. He put an arm around Rio to comfort the younger lord. "You've been misleading us this whole time!"

"I don't have to answer myself to the likes of you!" announced Tohshaka as his tail wavered angrily. Chris stood up by Toh and petted, slightly grabbing at his furry neck, trying to calm him down.

"We should have never partnered up!" Mizer spat angrily as he broke apart from Rio, "light and dark truly don't belong together..." Mizer turned around as Rio looked down.

"We gotta get out of here" Chris notioned towards the sky, "I think Mecuriel is going to attack everyone in our area now!"

"No" yelled Mizer, "He's going back to AtaraxiA to get with Kazumi and all the other dark wingers and lead them back here first. We can go there and intercept his plans first!"

"We got this far..." Rio said sadly, "we might as well continue forward"

"We should go back" queried Chris desperately, "we are leaving everyone vulnerable back there."

"We gotta find Kazumi" announced Toh. "We head forward."

"No" Mizer eyed Toh evily. "Not with us. There's only one train. Me and Rio will find her and bring her back. We're going to the dark place, since you light wingers can't handle it."

"I'm part dark" growled Toh, "and I'm going there whether you like it or not!" Toh charged towards the light speed train as Mizer blocked his path cutting him off, with a raised sword in hand.

"I'll go with Mizer" Rio explained to Chris quickly off the the side as he glanced at Toh and Mizer bickering back and forth, "and I'll get your mom back. You guys go check on everyone. Check on Seere for me!"

"Alright" agreed Chris as he motioned to Toh. He felt he could trust Rio.

"We're going Mi!" announced Rio as he dragged Mizer onto the train and closed the door as quickly as he could while Chris grabbed Toh's tail and got the older lord to spin around and nearly claw at him.

"We have to go back", spoke Chris. "I don't wanna leave my mom but Rio will get her back Toh, I promise you that! We needa check on my dad, Akira and everyone else who is important to us. Besides I'm sure Mecuriel went this way, if not, someone else did! We can't leave everyone unprotected"

Tohshaka growled in anger and paced back and forth furiously as he watched the light speed train take off with Rio and Mizer contained within. "Damn it!"

"Alright" growled Toh, "but remember how long the forest took to get through!"

"I'm not looking forward to that either..." Chris spoke quietly, "but I have a hunch...something's gonna happen."

Tohshaka nudged Chris along as he tried to avoid Hyperiele's dead body laying on the ground.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Isn't this wonderful Rebel?" almost-shouted Sabre proudly as he stood on the very top floor of the Hyda Mall. The mall was massive and had several floors. On each four corners of the mall, there was a hotel entrance themed for seperate animals of the shijin and in the very middle of the hotel, stood a massive gold dragon statue lined alongside a large stage.

"What's so wonderful about it?" asked Rebel as he leaned against a pillar, his arms crossed.

"All the angels are here, in my kingdom, in my resort!" exclaimed Sabre.

"You are making no money off of this, you do realize that right" spoke Talbain solemnly off to the side of Sabre as he overlooked angel's walking in groups throughout the mall.

"Yeah" agreed Rebel, "this is just being written off as an emergency."

"Nonsense Rebel" smirked Sabre, "all the angels will love this resort once they stay here and they will want to return."

"Free advertisement" chuckled Talbain.

"Expensive losses" muttered Rebel.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"No one's here" said Chris quietly as they reached the end of the forest and walked into Seraphim's castle which was completely dead. At that Chris felt his symbology in full usage but the empty castle gave him the creeps. Normally Seraphim's castle was bustling with several dark wingers hanging out all over the place.

"Maybe there's some nice valuable's here" suggested Toh as he prodded around Seraphim's personal belongings. Toh picked up a gun on Seraphim's night stand and looked it up and down. "Hmm. I didn't know he used weapons."

"Maybe we should get out of here..." Chrissy tried to drag Toh out of the castle as Toh kept snooping around and then finally agreed to leave.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Yes I agree" yawned Karissa with slight interest as she rested her head on her hand on the table and watched the three younger teens across the table from her. She was sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on an iced tea and watching Zeros, TK and Evan across from her with a keen interest. The three of them giggled over something on the shared light blue laptop in front of them. Off to the side, Naru worked on his sketches for clothes and Dias stood at the counter right behind Karissa waiting for his coffee to be made.

"Dad!" shouted Chris as he ran into the coffee shop. Dias almost spilled his coffee after picking it up on the counter, at the sound of his sons voice.

"Christopher!" Akira stood up in shock from where he was sitting nearby as Drakor awoke underneath the table.

"Akira" smiled Chris as he glomped onto Dias first and Karissa took Dias's coffee out of his hand quickly so he wouldn't drop it.

"Hi Tohsheee" greeted Naru randomly looking up from his sketch book, as Toh walked in and wiped the sweat on his forehead with some napkins from the counter of the coffee shop. The angel working the counter slightly backed away with an odd gaze.

"You guys are already back? Where's Kazumi?" asked Karissa.

"Umm...long story" said Chrissy as he pressed himself deep into a hug with Akira.

"Rio and Mizer are fetching her...unfortunantely" responded Toh as he put the sweat induced napkins on the counter. "We should be the ones finding her..."

"Yes, you should be" agreed Dias.

"Im sooo tireeed" muttered Chrissy as he leaned up against Akira.

"You wanna go back to my hotel room?" asked Akira as Dias slightly cocked his eyebrow with a weird stare.

"WHAT?!?!" shouted Chris instantly awake, "you have a hotel room!?!"

"Umm yes..." hesitated Akira. "Everyone in this mall right now has a room, mine is on the turtle side."

"Turtle side?" Toh grinned with amusement.

"Not the dolphin side?...." asked Chrissy.

"Well, umm no" responded Akira.

"We're on the tiger side on the west, Chrissy, if you'd like to come by later, room 53" spoke Dias. "Don't stay too long at Akira's..."

"Ok!" smiled Chrissy, "But dad, why exactly is everyone here? In Sabre's kingdom of all places?"

"More protection in numbers, I guess, plus enough hotel rooms?" shrugged Dias, "the shield is massive enough for everyone to be protected here right now from the 'killers'. What happened with the forest anyway?"

"Oh umm?" started Chrissy.

"I can't find Kaiichi anywhere!" sighed Ellipocene as he entered the coffee shop in desperation.

"Oh, well he went off with Hikari, I thought" responded Karissa.

"Hmm. Guess Ill look again..." Ellipocenes glanced over at Toh akwardly and left.

"Why is he so desperate to find Kaichii I wonder?" asked Toh, then grumbled something about Kazumi being more important.

"I'll go find out, C'mon Akira!" Chrissy grabbed his lovers hand and led him out of the shop as Dias shook his head.

"That kid" said Dias, "never remembers to finish responding to my questions."

"Maybe you ask too many questions?" smirked Toh as Dias looked at him annoyed.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Oooo, Did I interrupt something?"

Mizer awoke upon hearing a female's voice, cuddled with Rio against his body in a blanket on the train seat. Mizer had actually used his sword to cut off the top half of the train seat and lie it flat on a slanted fixture in the back of the train car so him and Rio could lay down more comfortably. Mizer stretched as he felt most of his power return from the previous fight after resting.

"Kazumi?" Rio rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

"How'd you guys manage to take the train here?" asked Xeno curiously as he stood right outside the door way of the train on a platform. Kazumi stood near him, her long blue hair slightly moving with the vague amount of wind around and Orpherus sat on a bench in the back area of the platform, huddled up in a blanket.

"Nevermind that. We're here to rescue get on so we can go back" Mizer leaned back on the seat and suggested they climb into the train.

"Rescue?" asked Kazumi. "I'm soooo not going that way, that will take forever!"

"What are you talking about?" Mizer questioned her, "what way?"

"I got here through Sage's laboratory..." Kazumi waved her hands as to act like it was no big deal.

"What? Seraphim said you guys stopped by the castle and even took Orpherus" Rio looked over toward the young angel.

"Yeah, we stopped there first. Needed to get him home since Seraphim tried to hold my baby as a hostage, but of course the forest was locked off with symbology, not that I couldn't break such a pathetic spell of Surfy's but, no way I'm going through that way anyways. Bad experiences with forests you know."

"So you got here through Sage? How?" Rio climbed off of Mizer and stretched his back wings as he grabbed his blanket.

"Through the laboratory" sighed Xeno. "We snuck around. The lab runs all the way from Hell to here underground."

"Seriously?" Rio glared at Mizer. "THIS FAR?!?!"

"Umm do you even know how far the train took us?" asked Mizer

"Far enough" replied Rio, "Think of the distance between Seraphim's and Sage's and then the length of this train ride!" Rio checked the time on his cell phone, they had been on the train for a little over 2 hours.

"Hey, I've never been down this far and I didn't know that Sage Industries expanded so far out" Mizer took a deep breath and defended himself for all the times he went to Sage's lab with Seere and didn't take Rio along.

"I see" shrugged Rio. "Well, let's go back through the lab and reunite with the other's and go kick Mecuriel's ass."

"Mecuriel?" asked Xeno

"Yeah" responded Rio, "we ummm had quite a fight and well...", Rio lowered his dark headwings as he didn't wanna think too much about it. "But we will merk him next time we see him!"

"Hmmm..." Xeno felt a strange wave run through his body.

"Alright Rio, you go ahead with Kazumi and Xeno, I'll take a look around this place." Mizer walked out of the platform and headed toward fancy double glass doors.

"I'm not leaving you!" Rio attacked Mizer's proposal.

"Oh yes you are, for the time being. I'll catch up later, I just wanna explore this place and see what Sage has around here..."

"Why? To find something new to do to Seere?" Rio questioned angrily.

"Oh no he didn't" joked Kazumi

"No. I just wish to look around is all. I'll catch up later. Keep in touch through the telecom's" Mizer walked away, brushing them off.

"The what?" Rio stomped his foot and looked over towards Xeno who seemed distant. "I guess I'll go with you guys now...let's get back to Sage's main lab. If it does lead us to there..."

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mizer entered the elevator and heard the speaker over head as he hit some buttons.

"This is the newest in encrypted GPS trackers. It transmits data to our dedicated satelites every 10 feet or five seconds..." echoed the feminine voice on the computer.

"Hmm" Mizer thought for a second. "Take me to a tech lab"

"As you wish" responded the computer as the elevator started to move.

"This is ridiculous" said Mizer softly to himself as he pulled out his cell phone from his leather jacket and found that he had no reception. "I'll just have to wait till I get closer to Sages place."

Mizer studied the monitor screen mounted above the elevator buttons on the side.

"Can you get me a visual on Seere Zethar?" Mizer spoke aloud.

"Seere Zethar is located at _degrees _ and is currently engaging in and out of battle" answered the computer as it picked up static on the screen.

"The hell?" questioned Mizer.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Step right up" called Kronos as he put his arm around Seere and slightly pushed him forward towards the crowd of angels, "who wants to challenge this young mighty lad?"

"I wanna see!?!" called Hikari as she tried to push her way through the older crowd of teenage angels and Kaiichi followed behind her.
"Look Mackwell" said Gabriel as he paused and let go of Mackwell's hand, peering over the side of the mall balcony on the third floor.

"Odd. Isn't that Kronos?" asked Mackwell as he stopped to watch.

"Oh yes, he forcing Seere to fight?" asked Gabriel with concern.

"Seere sure looks amped up to me..." responded Mackwell

"But that's child abuse, no?" Gabriel stroked his green hair, "shouldn't we go stop your son?"

"Heh" Mackwell leaned over the balcony to watch, "I don't think so. Let's just watch and see first."

"Let go of me!" Seere pushed away Kronos's hand and charged towards a teen dark winger who had stepped out of the crowd to tease the younger boy, but had no intention to fight him. He was met with surprise when Seere jutted out a sword and stabbed at him and voice of shock rose in the mall around.

"Fight, FIGHT FIGHT" the voices chanted up and rose in volume as the teen darkwinger held onto his side in pain and agony with his friends trying to help him up and Seere trying to go in for another attack.

"Seere STOP!" yelled Hikari as she tried to pull him back and felt Kronos pull her away. "Stop!" Hikari struggled from the dark lord's grasp.

"Let him finish it!" yelled Kronos with an evil inhumane laugh. Almost a moment later, Kronos jumped away when he felt an arrow fly past him, nearly hitting him and gazed up to see his younger brother.

"Ahh Kitona, coming to join the fun?!?"

"This is fun to you?..." Kitona's face starred blankly with almost no emotion.

"Of course it is..." smirked Kronos.

"Just let him go" Kitona stood calmly above and put away his bow and arrow with a flash of disappearing symbology.

"Stupid guy" yawned Seere from a lack of sleep as Hikari put her arm around him, distracting him away from the fight, and Meros grabbed Seere by the arm and tugged him away.

"C'mon Seere" sighed Meros as he led Seere away but not before he glared angrily at Kronos.

"Got a problem Meros?" Kronos challenged Meros but Meros ignored it.

"Daddy!" Kaiichi jumped into Ellipocenes arms as he showed up as Hikari frowned at Seere walking away with Meros to the hotel area.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Go play squirt" declared Atsuaki as he sat down on a bench outside a childrens fenced off playground. This playground was at one edge of the mall and had a small ball pit, slides and even monkey bars. Soy starred puzzled at the playground and all the small angel kids on it.

Atsuaki scratched at his head as he looked from side to side of him on the bench, at angelic parents or siblings on their cell phones or reading a book. He then watched young angel boys playing friskfully on the monkey bars together and one boy climbing up the slide.

"Hmm. Not a lot to do here..." Atsuaki zoned in and out of focusing on the small children but perked up his head wings when he heard kids start randomly shouting.

"PUPPY!!!" shouted one kid as he tried to pick up Soy who was in his small fox form.

"Sheesh" muttered Atsuaki as he watched the younger boy's slender arms struggle to hold onto Soy as Soy struggled and growled in the boys arms. Atsuaki pictured the boy struggling to hold on during a different type of activity in the same way.

Soy led the way up the slide as small angels tried to clamber out of the ball pit and catch Soy but Soy was way too fast. Atsuaki laughed as he watched boys try to grab onto Soy and wished that he could be chased by young boys like that.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Chrissy, I found your mom and Xeno and Orphy" shouted Rio excitedly into his cell as it picked up reception on the train ride underground towards Sage's castle.

    • "Alright!" shouted Chris as he gave Akira a look while holding his hand and walking with him in the mall.
      "Mizer left though..." Rio quickly said the next sentence in a different tone as he looked out the windows of the light speed train passing through dark tunnels with only an occassional light outside once in a while.
      "I'm...sorry" hesitated Chris, "but you'll know he'll come back around soon. He always does!"
      "I hope so..." Rio slowly hung up and put the cell phone in his sweat shirt pocket.

"We're almost there" said Xeno softly as Orpherus tugged at him.

"Orphy! Why don't you tug at mommy?" asked Kazumi as Orpherus looked up at her shyly.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Uncle Kain!" Chrissy ran over towards Kain and glomped him as Kain walked through the mall and was briefly chatting with some angels.

"Hi Chrissy" responded Kain and he patted Chrissy's head and Akira walked over. Kain cleared his throat and introduced his nephew and king Chris and employee Akira.

"Perhaps he has seen our son?" asked one of the angels as Chris looked up seriously.

"Who?" asked Christopher as he looked at the dark haired angel then stopped shortly, "oh I know you!"

"I think we have met before" smiled the angel as Akira and Kain looked puzzled.

"I haven't seen Tana yet, I'm sorry" said Chris solemnly, "but I promise, I'll keep an eye out!"

"Not just Tana" responded Tana's dad, "but Sokhan and Miranda too, they are all missing I'm afraid. The rest of my family is at the hotel however."

"I'm glad the rest are safe!" said Chrissy, "but I promise I'll keep an eye out for Sokhan and Tana!"

"Thanks, I appreciate it" Tana's dad smiled warmly as he waved to Kain and walked away.

"Chris" Kain spoke seriously, "some of the angels from Dolphin Park didn't get here, I'm gonna head to the school soon but perhaps you could help me locate them, cause according to their sensors, they are still in the school." Kain pulled up a tracker app on his phone and small red dots flashed on the screen depicting the campus.

"SENSORS?" asked Chris. "I always knew those Dolphin badges had power."

"Yes..." sighed Kain, "it's not like the brochure didn't cover it, they are RFID tags sewn into the uniforms, although some angels may not be wearing them at the moment, but the dots are moving so there has to be some kids on campus still that should be here but aren't. Plus I've had angel parents complaining to me that their kid isn't here yet."

"Are the parents really that helpless about finding their kid?" asked Akira

"Well, they were ordered not to leave" responded Kain, "I'm not supposed to either, but I'm going, since it involves the welfare of several others."

"Well, Akira and I will leave to check the school, once my mom gets here and I know she's ok..."

"Oh, Lord Kazumi is coming here?" asked Kain.

"Yeah and you two can talk about me, since I know you both loveee doing that!" Chris sarcastically replied.

"Kain, Chrissy!" called Kazumi as she approached the entrance to the turtle side of the Hyda mall waving.

"Speak of the devil..." said Akira.

"Mom!" responded Chris with a loud voice and went over to hug her and especially Orpherus as Rio stood akwardly nearby.

"Nice, you found them! Good job!" commented Akira towards Rio as Rio scratched his head and Xeno ran past the reunion towards the cafe.

"Yeah Xeno, run away to your MASTER" Kazumi noted as she petted Kain's hair, "oh soo soft, you want to be in my next commercial, yes, yes?"

"No isn't an option, I suppose?" grinned Kain.

"What happened to Rio?" asked Chrissy as he noticed Rio had left without saying anything.

"Is he ok?" asked Akira as Chris shrugged, then took Akira's hand to leave for the school.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"What's going on here Renee?" asked Chrissy as he reached campus, he perked his head wings towards one of his father's younger angel students who was the top of the fencing class for her age and other angel's twice her age, but still no match for Christopher.

"I'm not sure..." Renee tossed the rest of her bread from her sandwich into the Koi pond behind Kain's house as she stood up. "But I can't find some of my class mates..."

"Angel's or...?" Akira asked but stopped.

"Both" sighed Renee. "Micheal promised to meet me here. But it's been an hour and he hasn't yet..."

"That long?" Akira offered his hand out, "maybe he's not worth your time?"

"It's not like that..." sighed Renee.

"Maybe he's at Hyda where all the other angels are meeting, you should be there too..." Chris scratched at his head and wondered why Kain wasn't escourting everyone sooner.

"Chris!" Rashun shouted as he ran over towards Christopher.

"Rashun, what are you doing here?" Christopher looked at Rashun's bewildered look.

"There's dark angels, in the auditorium, they're messing with the students!"

"Oh god" Chris rolled his eyes, "there's enough going on as it is!" Christopher gave Akira a look and they both ran over to check it out.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mizer jumped off the elevator and made his way down the hallways and stopped at a wooden door with polished glass that had the words "Sage Industries" etched into it. He slowly opened the door.

Inside the office there were dozens of computers strung out amongst desks. The rooms were beige with high ceilings, large sophisticated desks, plants and polished computer screens. In the middle however, one particular computer had the largest screen, about 50 inches and a larger tower. Mizer strided over quickly to that desk and swerved into place on a computer chair, hitting the keyboard.

'Access Restricted'

"Not for long it isn't. If this is a basic OS login." Mizer took a USB port from his leather black jacket and plugged it into the computer, glad that he had kept it on him. He tapped the desk with his fingers as the USB software did it's work on cracking the login password within a minute.


The computer voice echoed.

Mizer quickly browsed the computer, looking through the main folders. Most were encrypted but one in particular caught his eye. It read "Seere Zethar". He tried double clicking it several times to find out it needed another password. After 2 attempts to hack it, Mizer figured the security was too high.

"Why is this...." Mizer gazed hopelessly at the locked folder as he opened Skype.

"Please be online..." Mizer quickly clicked on Meros's screen name and started a webcam chat.

'CONNECTING' Mizer waited for the camera to stop blurring and saw Meros in very bad pixel quality in a crowded area.

"Where the hell are you?" asked Mizer as he gazed at the background in his's son surroundings on the low quality cam.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" questioned Meros. "Are you ok dad? It's been about 2 days since I spoke to you last. Did you find Kazumi?"

"Yes...I found her. I also found out other things but I need your help right now. Where are you by the way?"

"I'm in the cafe at Hyda Resort" responded Meros as he tried to close other applications to free up memory.

"What are you doing there? No wonder your internet connection sucks" Mizer starred at the connection bars on the side of the screen. "I need you to go home and hack the computer I'm on for me."

"I can't do that dad" Meros scratched his head. "They don't want any angels really leaving here unless they really HAVE to."

"Well, I'm telling you that you HAVE to!" Mizer coughed and resumed talking, " I'm the top dark lord right? I need you to hack the database I'm on right now, it's files about your younger brother that I cannot access for some odd reason."

"Really?" questioned Meros.

"Yes really, at least hack the database and copy it to your computer so I can look at it later!"

"Hold on dad, let me get back to the hotel, I think they have a lot stronger stable wifi in there."

"Hurry up!" responded Mizer as Meros left the chat. Mizer glanced around nervously, hoping no one would come inside the large room of computers but so far, no one seemed to be around in this general area.

In the corner, an Intellicam focused in and out of zoom on Mizer as Mizer tried not to move.

"Fuck...hurry up Meros..." Mizer whispered quietly to himself.

A few minutes later, Mizer heard Meros calling him and opened the webcam chat.

"Alright dad, I'm working on a secure connection to your location. Lady in the front lobby was nice enough to let me use the Fiber Optics connection at the front desk."

"Good!" exclaimed Mizer as he watched Meros open up several applications over the network onto Mizer's screen and took over as host.

"Dad, this isn't good" began Meros.

"What?!" questioned Mizer "What is it?"

"This is like the most protected data network I've ever tried to hack. I have about 5 attempts and if I don't get it taken down, I won't be able to access it at all and all my data on my computer will be stolen and controlled."

"Sage's network is really that strong huh?"

"Well, doesn't help that he has the top programmers working for him" sighed Meros, "wish I could be one..."

"You're one of the elite's my son. Please just try to get these files copied."

"I'm going at it." Mizer watched as his son's first hacking attempt failed and the network system was now trying to bring down their own connection.

"Fuck" shouted Meros as he started entering commands as fast as he could, trying to bring down a base network to get to the file quicker.

"I'm copying it!" shouted Meros and Mizer jumped in his seat as a siren sounded out.


"Damn it" Mizer watched as the lights overhead flickered red in conjunction with the ceiling lights and siren. "I gotta go Meros, finish copying that file." Mizer jumped out of the chair and ran off quickly outside to the main hallway where he saw a few angels walking all towards the elevator. They all randomly starred at Mizer but said nothing as they piled into the elevator.

Mizer stood outside the elevator but the angel's stayed waiting as if coaxing Mizer to get in before they closed the door. Mizer sighed in tension and walked in, piled up next to several darkwingers.

Mizer stood still, trying to cloak his aura, none of the dark wingers seemed to recognize him nor did he recognize them. Mizer slightly sighed in relief and watched as all the dark wingers got off at the main lobby for Hell's entrance.

Mizer slightly stepped out and checked his phone, noticing Rio had texted him asking how soon he would show up, and a notice from Meros that he had gotten the Seere files and was reading them now. Mizer gazed over at several dark wingers, in larger amounts than he had ever seen, entering Sage's castle.

"One crazy party" sighed Mizer as he decided to head over there as well, but stopped with the oddest look of confusion as he saw a train enter the side of a platform by Sage's large front porch.

"We've never had trains here before..." Mizer decided to go investigate.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    "I told you my dearest angels, that angelic augmentations are the thing of the future!" Sage clicked the remote to bring down his flat panel tv that was embedded in the ceiling. Light classical music played in the background and the fish tanks were the main lighting for the dark room. About 5 students were in Sages room and the vast majority of the angels were downstairs having some kind of party. Every once in awhile the music or crowd noise would make it's way upstairs.

"You are really smart professor Sage!" announced one of his students as Hibara looked shamefully over to the side while sitting on the edge of Sage's circular bed.

"It's all in the DNA" chuckled Sage as he took a small swig of Gatorade mixed with vodka.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Concert for Kitona tonight!" shouted Max happily as he passed out fliers and saw Mackwell and Gabriel approach.

"Hello there Max" smiled Gabriel happily as Mackwell took a flier.

"Hi Gabriel, Dad you're gonna watch Kitona perform right!" asked Max excitedly as he tossed another flyer at another angel walking nearby.

"Of course, wouldn't miss it for the world" replied Mackwell.

"I wouldn't miss it either!" responded Kitona as he put his arm around Max and ripped a flyer out of his younger brother's hand.

"Hey!" exclaimed Max as Kitona tossed the flier and repeatedly flapped his wings from dark to light within split seconds of each other as Mackwell and Gabriel stood delighted.

"How do you DO THAT?" Max starred wide eyed at Kitona's wings.

"Self conversion. Lord Kazumi taught it to me on our last tour. If you can ever do it then I'll respect you forever." Kitona winked as he grabbed quickly at Max's gelled blond hair and roughed it up and walked away quickly.

"Respect is a good thing" Gabriel smirked at Max, "perhaps you should go practice that now. Impress your brother." Mackwell chuckled.

"Which one..." muttered Max as he put the fliers down on a mall bench and took off.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    The sky was black. It always was in Hell above Sage's castle outside, waiting for the sunshine it would never receive. The darkness here was so suffocating that any normal light angel would go insane upon entrance anywhere near here.

Mizer crept closer as he looked around, hearing angels heavily in conversation and music playing at the front of Sage's castle. The train seemed unoccupied now. But what was it doing in Hell? Trains usually only ran through Heaven&Hell and he had never seen one stationed by Sage's side porch.

Mizer crossed the front of the porch and made his way quickly onto the train. Immediately he felt a massive kick straight towards his groin.

"ARGHHH!" Mizer growled and before he could even attack, he felt his body picked up like it was a simple rag-doll and thrown towards the nearest window. He flew through the glass and felt himself roll across the porch. Struggling to stand up against the outside castle wall as a support, he looked up to see Mecuriel approaching in the dim lighting.

Mizer took out his sword to react but Mecuriel knocked his grip loose upon the weapon. Mecuriel knocked down Mizer's raised hand and picked the dark lord up by his throat.

Mizer trembled and tried to raise his arm to attack Mecuriel as he looked into his violet eyes. Mizer groaned in pain and Mecuriel turned quickly sensing someone behind him. He fired his gun as a young boy threw a can of green acid towards him.

The acid pained Mecuriel enough to let go of Mizer, dropping the dark lord as he turned around.

Mizer held his throat while coughing on the cold cement and looked up slowly to see Mecuriel smack the young brunette haired boy to the ground.

"HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ORDERS!" growled Mecuriel as he stood over Andros, threatening to hit him again.

"I couldn' it" cried out Andros as he curled himself into a ball and his small black wings shivered.

Mizer squinted trying to see what was going on and then watched with a blur as Mecuriel took his gun and fired at Mizer in the chest.

Mizer felt himself loose all consciousness.

At that moment, Sage and three other dark wingers walked by. Sage had come out of the castle upon sensing the commotion outside.

"Take Mizer, extract the REST of his power and then kill him. Sage, come with me..." Mecuriel turned as he gave Andros one final stare and walked into Sage's castle.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Yeah!" shouted Hikari very pleased, happy to be in the front row right off of the stage. She clung to the side of the stage for dear life, knowing that another fan could easily take her spot.

"KITONA KITONA KITONA" the audience of angel's, both light and dark chanted and roared, urging Kitona to come on stage as they waited.

Almost instantly glow sticks shot up in the air, as instrumentals blasted over the speakers and fog emitted from the front half of the stage and through the golden dragon statue's mouth reflecting the colors of the stage lights.

The misty blue and red lights glowed in the fog effects as Mackwell and Gabriel happily took a seat together in the back away from most of the ecstatic crowd.

The crowed roared with cheer as Kitona quickly entered the stage into the spotlight and grabbed his wireless microphone off the stand and proceeded to one side of the stage, letting out all his 6 white wings that glowed blue from the black lights and fog effects as he slightly kneeled with the microphone close to his mouth.

"I'll give to you...if you give to me

I always wanna hear, what's on your mind"

"Our son has become such an amazing performer" smiled Gabriel as he held Mackwell's hand tight. Mackwell grinned in agreement.

"YES!" shouted Sabre nearby. "Once all the angels see Kitona performing here for free, they will definitely want to come back to my resort!"

Gabriel glanced back at Sabre and shook his head at that comment. "Oh my..."

"And what I wanna feel, is in those arms. And I'll sing to you, if you'll sing to meee. Cause I long to hear, what's on your heart. Yeaaah"

"FORGET ME, I'm tired and wasted, hopeless and faded, listless and jaded"

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Sir..." Sage ran fast after taking a quick glance over Mizer, to catch up to Mecuriel who was readily walking fast.

"Why did Andros attack me? Stupid boy, can't you control him better? You and your little inputs of neuro-peptide clusters" Mecuriel flapped his 6 dark wings angrily as he looked at where the acid that Andros threw at him, had burned off his part of his shirt as well as a chunk of long violet hair. He entered the elevator at the side of Sage's kitchen as Sage followed quickly.

"Well sir, to make it brief as I can, you did order me to put Mizer's power in him and that power was supposed to go to his son Seere." Sage tried not to stare as Mecuriel ripped off his shirt in the elevator right in front of him. "Since it has that father-son complex thing, Andros is gonna feel the effects and rush to Mizers side to try and save him to suppress his own internal agony." Sage felt weird having to explain himself in simple terms.

"Find a way to cancel out that effect. Actually, no need to since he'll die soon anyways" Mecuriel put on a new black shirt and rubbed his chin, "we have a concert to crash Sage, actually, I think you'll be the one to crash it..."

"Yeah..." Sage looked down with a slight pain as the elevator went upward. Mecuriel shouted at the intellicam to bring up a display of the Hyda resort on the touch screen built into the side of the doors on the elevator.

"Look at that, nice looking shield huh? Think that's gonna save them?" Mecuriel starred at the angelic created shield for protection against the 'killers' outside the Hyda Resort on the small screen.

'I wish it could' thought Sage.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Your love, your love, your love---" Kitona stopped shortly as all the lights on the stage cut off simultaneously and the speakers went out. "Your love..." Kitona noticed the microphone didn't carry his voice and he forgot the next song lyric due to panic of what was going on as all the angels started looking around, talking loudly.

'No, not now, not here' thought Kitona as he flapped his wings confused and ran off to the side of the stage to look at his sound stage crew, hoping the technical problems could be fixed soon. The stage crew gave Kitona an odd look and before Kitona could ask them anything, he looked up upon hearing screams of panic from other angels.

"Sorry to crash such a lovely concert..." echoed a voice as most of the mall went dark and random lights cut out, but Kitona could not see where it was coming from.

"Get everyone out of here!!!!" growled Tohshaka as he bounded his way onto the stage in his tiger form. Hikari widened her eyes and ran off towards the hotel plaza area with most of the other angels. Above, powers of light and dark constantly collashed as light angels in charge of the hyda shield retorted against the new dark intruders.

"Mecuriel!" roared Tohshaka as he flew upward into the midst of the mall.

"Ahh, Tohshaka" smiled Mecuriel as he stood off to the side of a balcony pillar right near the top of the dragon statue. Before Tohshaka could react, he saw a massive pink shield go up surrounding the two of them in a limited area of the mall.

"You're gonna play this game with me now?" Tohshaka eyed the shield that had trapped Chris and Rio earlier with Remiele and Hyperiele.

"No, no" Mecuriel replied, "the shield isn't for us, it's for all the others..." Mecuriel looked down towards the ground to see angels starring in shock at them. "I guess those angels will have to kill each other in order to break it...well, once they figure it out, that is...."

Tohshaka glanced off to the side and witnessed no signs of Chris, Mizer or Rio. He flicked his tail angrily and summoned swirls of light symbology by his side.

"You put a shield around a shield? This Malls not big enough for the two of us" growled Toh as he charged forward.

Mecuriel flew forward unleashing his sword, blasting a dark energy as Tohshaka attacked with light symbology. The two of them collided and Toh landed safely on balcony ledge as Mecuriel wavered off to the side.

"You're no simple treasure hunter like you want everyone to believe" said Mecuriel. "You've been in hiding all these years....getting powerful like me. Putting on a fake role."

"Why are you back all of a sudden?" spat Toh, "what is your true intention of being here? Off the radar for years and now you show up all of a sudden?"

Mecuriel charged forward, attacking Tohshaka off guard and watched the tiger crash into a lit up pink Vanilla Q's advertisement situated on a pole.

Toh growled and flapped his wings as the sign crackled with sparks of electricity but his light shield protected him. He absorbed the electricity and charged at Mecuriel, trying to electrify the dark lord with the absorbed energy.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Akira" Chris stopped suddenly as he walked alongside Akira down the school hallway. Behind him, Rashun and Renee followed.

"What?" Akira noticed Chris turned pale white in the face. "Are you ok?" Akira felt Chris's forehead as Chrissy pushed his hand away. Rashun looked over with concern.

"Tohshaka's accessed the reserved powers....something's wrong. Let's go back!"

"But" questioned Akira, "we haven't finished looking for all the students yet..."

"I don't care! Something bad is going on!" Chris anxiously responded.

"Ok. I'll stay here and finish looking for the students. You go find out what's happening with Toh" Akira suggested as Chris nodded his head.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tohshaka bounded up each ledge from floor to floor of the mall as he dodged Mecuriels dark blasts of symbology. He got to the top floor and pounced upon Mecuriel, summoning a gigantic light blast of energy as Mecuriel reflected it toward the side of the mall, causing part of a floor to crash and angels to scatter from the falling debri in that area.

"Watch where you are aiming!" yelled Toh as he fought physically in an odd grasp with the dark lord. Mecuriel pushed him away and started aiming his energy blasts at sections of the mall, causing upper floors to collapse on top of lower floors as angels scattered.

"My mall" yelled Sabre as he watched sections of the mall not covered by the shield collapse. Suddenly, the floor above Sabre startled to collapse with falling debris.

"Watch out idiot!" yelled Rebel as he grabbed Sabre and got him out of harm's way.

  • * * * * *

"Karissa, you'll have to destroy me!" Xeno pleaded with Karissa as she stood right next to the pink shield and tried to figure out a way to break Mecuriel's shield. Behind her, various angels stopped chatting and studied her demonic power with interest.

Karissa acted as if she didn't hear Xeno but then stopped and turned slowly when Xeno sent her small shocks of electricity to catch her attention.

"Kill you?" murmured Karissa with question.

Xeno nodded, as Karissa pushed at her thick violet hair.


"I'm the blueprint Mecuriel needs. Plus we'll be able to break this shield..."

"Xeno, what are you talking about? What blue print? Just give me time and I'll find a demonic curse that can crush this shield..."

"It's not gonna work like that....we, we left him alone way too long. He's too powerful now..." Xeno paced back and forth next to Karissa and summoned a sword with symbology that dropped at her feet. The sword had a bright orange glowing handle and angelic language was etched in the middle of it.

"I'm not going to kill you Xeno!" Karissa narrowed her eyes angrily at the sword, very well understanding what it meant, and watched as Kazumi and Kitona approached through the crowd of angels towards the shield.

"Look there's something I should have told you long ago..." began Xeno but stopped as Kitona approached his side.

"We gotta get Toh out of there!" Kitona pushed back his blond sweaty hair as him and Kazumi stepped towards the shield and looked up. "I can't believe this is happening. Who is that guy?"

"Why does Tooshy get to have all the fun?" Kazumi eyed Toh as he fought and looked at the glowing sword on the ground and then towards Karissa. "Well if you're not going to break the shield with that sword, then I will!"

Karissa rolled her eyes as she concentrated, calling upon demonic powers towards the shield.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Tohshaka let out a massive deafening roar as he put forth all his light energy into a symbolic spell and directed it towards Mecuriel who returned with a massive amount of dark energy. The symbology collided in mid air and exploded. Tohshaka bounded away as Mecuriel flew upwards.

Toh was not caught off guard when Mecuriel teleported straight in front of him. Transforming; Toh whipped out two golden pistols and put forth a flurry of bullets straight towards his enemy. Adrenaline pumping Toh to keep him alive and blur his logic. Mecuriel blocked the symbological bullets as much as he could then absorbed the rest and smiled.

"You'll have to try really hard for this. And even then, success is never guaranteed." Mecuriel let out an evil grin as he moved like lightning and struck Tohshaka in mid air to the ground.

Tohshaka leaned on his side, unable to return to his tiger form and barley enough strength to hold his 'D'eagle's'. He clutched his wounded side that was bleeding immensely. Above him, Mecuriel started up a spell of annihilation.

"Karissa NOW!" growled Xeno as Karissa shut her eyes very tight and stabbed the sword through Xeno's chest. Instantaneously, the massive pink shield broke like glass throughout the entire mall and angel's pumped up to fight charged forward while others immediately fled.

"What?" Mecuriel looked over at the distraction of Xeno defragmenting but tried to concentrate his power instead.

"NO!" yelled Chris as he flew towards Tohshaka and held onto him while trying to block the dark blast with his wings.

"CHRISTOPHER!" growled Toh hopelessly as he couldn't see through the dark blast of energy that surrounded them as he braced himself for more pain. Then opened his eyes when he didn't feel it.

"Mom!" yelled Christopher as he stood in disbelief. Kazumi stood in front of the two of them, absorbing as most of the energy as she could stand. They all looked over as Kitona screamed and picked up the sword that Karissa had just dropped from sacrificing Xeno and charged at the side of Mecuriel attacking him while his defense was down.

"This is for CRASHING MY CONCERT!" yelled Kitona as he aimed the sword at Mecuriel's side. In a blur, Kitona felt someone knock him over and force him backwards. As he opened his eyes, he starred up in shock.


Sage stood in front of Mecuriel protecting him as Mecuriel ended his attack, Kazumi absorbing most of it and collapsing to her knees. Toh and Chris looked shock, having escaped certain death. Sage stood quietly next to Mecuriel, not sure how to respond.

"But why?" asked Kitona as he slowly got up and watched as Sage summoned dark energy by his side as a threat. "You are on my side..."

"I don't think so" interrupted Mecuriel as he walked over towards Sage and put his arm around the blue haired young angelic doctor. Sage welcomed the embrace and tilted his head up to slowly kiss Mecuriel as Kitona sank back down to his knees and felt his heart drop into his stomach.

The kiss created a card which slowly spun in a circle and disapeared into thin air. All the angels nearby stood shocked.

"No!" yelled Chris as he got up and went towards his mom, kneeling by her side. Chris flapped his wings in frustration and darkness and ran over towards Mecuriel.

"CHRIS NO!" roared Tohshaka with the last of his energy. "You'll have to save your power!"

"I HATE YOU!" yelled Chris as he tried to stab at Mecuriel but not before Mecuriel grabbed him by the throat and held him high in a choke hold.

"Let him go!" yelled Kitona as he got back up and threatened to attack Mecuriel. Sage once again blocked Kitona as Kitona stood almost motionless.

"You're on my SIDE!" Kitona spat with anger.

"No...I'm not. It's over..." Sage coldly replied.

Mecuriel chuckled and let Chris go as Chris grasped his neck for air falling onto the ground.

"Tonight, my dear angels..." began Mecuriel but watched as two angels teleported in front of him. "Ahh Remiele, Frost, you're back. Did you have fun at the school?"

"We got them all as you ordered" nodded Frost, a dark winger with light blue short hair. Beside him, Remiele smirked.

"Remiele?!?!" questioned Chris with an evil stare "...but Rio....he destroyed you..." Chris rubbed his throat.

"Great magic trick right?" responded Remiele as Mecuriel held up his arms. Around him, several hundred angels teleported into view as the angels in the Hyda mall stayed on guard.

"Tonight, you can go with the fallen leaders..." began Mecuriel.

"What fallen leaders!" interrupted Chris as he charged forth again and Mecuriel knocked Chris down to the ground again. Chris narrowed his eyes angrily and slowly got up.

"...Or you can go with a much more greater powerful lord, who will treat everyone like equal once we have claimed the worlds as ours! And if you're not with me, then you are definitely against me!"

"What will it be?" sarcastically responded Frost as Fumitaka and Nejima stepped into view alongside Kronos.

"YOU were on my side...dark and light...together!" Kitona tried hard not to cry, shocked at what just had happened.

"It was never meant to be...." responded Sage as he looked away and shuffled towards Mecuriel's lead.

At that, Tsukasa scampered over towards Fumitaka.

"Tsukasa!" Gabriel watched his youngest son go behind an invisible line that Mecuriel seemed to have made with his angels appearing and up towards Fumitaka.

"Get back here Tsukasa!" ordered Mackwell.

"Stop treating me like a kid!" I will go where I please!" answered Tsukasa as he grabbed Fumitaka's hand. Fumitaka welcomed his nephew's hand as he waited for Mecuriel's orders.

"You are a kid!" answered Mackwell as Gabriel shook his head no.

"Drakor..." pleaded Gabriel as he watched Drakor convert into darkness and run past Mecuriel over towards Tsukasa.

"I'll get him back Gabriel, I promise..." responded Drakor as he turned his head back and gave Gabriel one last look. Mecuriel watched amused and nodded as several other angels stepped over towards him.

"Hibara?" Sage put out his hand, palm up towards Hibara standing a few feet away. "You wanted to be the best intern for me ever right?"

"But I'm not an angel" responded Hibara as he wavered his tail confused.

"You don't have to be an angel, to be a good intern" suggested Sage smiling as he pushed up his glasses.

Hibara flattened his ears and quietly walked over towards Sage, accepting his hand. Sage took Hibara close in his grasp and hugged him tightly.

"Goodbye Tohshaka" Mecuriel gave one last glare as Toh laid on the ground and barley stirred. Mecuriel then teleported him and his angels out of view.

"Chris...whatever you do, don't go to Dolphin Park..." spoke Ellipocenes as he went over towards Kazumi to help her up.

"AKIRA?!?!" Chris panicked and teleported.

"No!" Ellipocene's shouted but it was too late.

"What now?" groaned Tohshaka as he got up with Gabriel and Mackwell's help. A teary eyed Hikari and Max approached Kitona who was kneeled on the ground but Kitona refused to budge.

"Your love is always just the same...." Kitona remembered the rest of his lyrics as he starred at the ground, resting on his knees. With a slight hesitation he breathed out "love...can kill you"

  • * * * * * * * * * ******************************************************************************************
  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

AKIRA?!?!" Chris yelled loudly as he teleported inside Akira's house but started coughing instantly as a feeling of rough sandpaper going over his lungs filled up his insides. It felt like lemon juice had been squirted into his eyes. Chris felt someone cover up his face as they held him from behind. Chris kicked and screamed and felt himself teleported.

Chris landed on the floor of the Flac's living room as Akira stood above him. Immediately, Sena rushed over towards Chris with an oxygen mask.

"Take quick breath's, in and out" encouraged Akira as Chris felt the oxygen relieve him from the pain. Once Chris could open his eyes without crying, he saw where he was, surrounded by family in the familiar living room at his dad's.

"He should have just summoned you if he was that concerned" spoke Ellipocenes.

"You shouldn't have started your sentence like that" replied Akira with a vast annoyance, "then he wouldn't have reacted so quick!"

"Are you ok?" asked Dias as he came over and gave Chris some water to drink.

"No..." whined Chris as he rubbed his eyes and looked up at Akira before slowly sipping the water. "What happened?" Chris saw Akira starring at the tv with a concerned face.

The tv was blaring out the headline of a chemical warfare attack, except that the attack was on Dolphin Park Private Academy and that 63 students were reported missing. The tv showed screen shots of green gas trapped all over the school in the air in patches.

"That sick bastard hit the school!" yelled Akira as he slammed his fist on the coffee table.

Kain sighed as he used the Flac house phone to answer questions about the school's condition, while Dias was forced to shut off his cell phone because of it ringing constantly, people were trying to question him about the incident as a teacher there.

"Who is that guy? Mecuriel?" asked Ellipocenes. "I've never heard of him and yet, he's more powerful than any angel I've ever seen. I hate to admit it..."

Kazumi rolled her eyes, laying on the couch, "he's not that powerful...If he was, I'd be dead."

"This...." Tohshaka didn't know what to say as he laid slumped against the other couch on the ground.

"Not only that" Neao was playing with his wifi tablet reading the news as he sat in the arm chair with Ryu perched on his head, "he hit the academy in London too, where I used to go in High School. Apparently he owns that school now, bought it out. This makes no sense.... Ender?"

"I'm TRYING to figure it out...ok?" Ender concentrated on reading Shiki's mind. "Sage has been able to block me out and give me false information in his head the past month, I have no idea how this is possible, but I've figured out the brain waves are on a loop, so I'm starting to get a better idea of how to read his actual mind again...but Shiki confirmed the school was indeed bought out 2 months ago and I can't read Sage's mind right now. BUT, Hibara is sitting next to Sage on a train with Mecuriel and several other's right now."

"What?!?!" nearly everyone in the room perked up at once.

"I always forget he's telepathic" sighed Akira.

"Where's the train headed?" asked Toh.

"Hold on" spoke Ender as he thought, then resumed "I'm not sure but Mecuriel's about to have a little meeting with his angels in a conference room on the train and Hibara is welcomed in there."

"Who else could possibly block our communications?!" Nemamiah asked Ender as he entered the room, pushing up his glasses with his forefinger as Neao immediately perked up.

"Don't get so excited" uttered Ender, towards Neao and Nemamiah both.

"Eclipse!" suggested Neao.

"He wouldn't betray us!" growled Nemamiah.

"Yeah...he wouldn't" sighed Ender. "But what's he up to right now anyways?"

                                                                                                  • Rio silently marched through the back interior of the train with much attention, making sure that he would not be heard or spotted by any enemy's. He could see angels in the next car of the train and suddenly stopped walking. Behind him, Seraphim, Atsuaki, Rune Soy and Grr were all looking around sensing for danger and watching Rio carefully.

"Now" stated Rio as he looked at Seraphim behind him, "can I trust you to not put us all in danger?"

"I'm just as interested as you are for the well being of Mizery" responded Seraphim, "I want him out of here in living condition!"

'If he is in decent condition...' Rio felt his heart drop a bit from not being able to sense the aura of Mizer's life force that much during the past hour. Something was seriously wrong. Rio tried to shake the bad thoughts out of his mind and looked back again. Rune had seemed devoid of any emotion and Soy seemed more interested in what Atsuaki was looking at on the train.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kronos stood up immediately as he felt Tsukasa sniff at his ankles underneath the seats on the train.

"Who let the brat on the train!?!" Kronos hoarse voice stated with anger as Drakor perked up from the corner and Fumitaka stood silent waiting for Kronos to make his next move on the virtual board of Chess they were playing.

"Brat?" growled Tsukasa, "What are you doing with uncle Fumitaka, playing some stupid game?"

"Like you would understand!" Kronos spoke, "Chess is too advanced for a little brat like you!"

"Cool it" replied Drakor as he got up from where he had been laying on the train seat and growled at Fumitaka as his brother gripped the hilt of his sword but stopped.

"We shouldn't fight" Fumitaka turned his gaze towards Drakor. "We are brothers!"

"No longer..." snarled Drakor as Tsukasa tilted his head confused.

"I heard Mizer's on this train" Fumitaka brushed at his shoulder, "very weakened. Perhaps we can pay him back for all that misery he's caused both of us all these years. Together?"

"Hah, that would be kinda delightful in a way" chuckled Drakor as he stretched.

"No one is touching Mizer!" ordered Sage as he appeared in the doorway with his arms crossed, listening to the conversation.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rio made his way past the second car in the back of the train as Seraphim and Atsuaki created a massive diversion fighting the random dark wingers on the train. Entering the third car, he saw that there were no seats unlike the last two cars and an off white curtain was draped across one half of the area. Rio slowly pulled back the curtain and forced a weak scream as a flying ball of fur jumped at his face and knocked him to the floor.

Rio's heart pounded fast as he got up, opening his eyes and saw a gold plated coffin like display attached to a monitor. The sight of it made Rio's heart beat extremely fast and he stood still, unsure exactly what to do. Above the coffin like structure, stood the massive black and white furry cat with creepy yellow eyes that glared at Rio. The cat stretched out and wiggled his behind getting ready to pounce again.

"RIO!" Atsuaki ran in the room and grabbed at Rio as Rio stood still. Once he realized he was moving with Atsuaki into the next car, he started kicking furiously as Rune, Soy and Seraphim rushed up behind them. Rio watched as the cat quickly ran off.

"What's wrong Rio?" asked Seraphim pumped up as he almost jogged in place, ready to move again. "We gotta hurry up, the entire train knows we're here now."

"Go back..." spitted out Rio as Atsuaki and Seraphim continued to chat over him loudly.

"No, LISTEN TO ME" yelled Rio as he kicked free of Atsuaki's grasp. "Mizer's in there!"

"What?" asked Seraphim.

"He's back there!" Rio backtracked to the door they just came out of as Seraphim and Atsuaki grabbed at him.

"I didn't see him in there!" Atsuaki responded.

"We can't go back, they're coming forward!" pressured Seraphim under his breath and shook his head.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"He's waiting for you in there" Fumitaka nodded as Andros walked down the corridor of the train, passing Kronos, Tsukasa and Drakor.

"He's expecting an answer from me" commented Andros as he walked into the door to the next car on the train.

"I don't like him" growled Drakor, commenting about Mecuriel.

"No one does, that's why he's good at his job" responded Fumitaka.

Andros walked into a room as a meeting was taking place. Mecuriel sat at the head of the solid glossy table as Sage and Hibara sat on one side and Winter, Remiele and Frost sat on the other side.

"Dearest angels, we have only two choices. For the sake of us all, we will pretend to make peace with the young Rio." Mecuriel tapped his fingers on the table.

Hibara nearly opened his mouth to speak as Sage nudged him, hard.

"So we are to appease our enemy?" asked Frost

"We destroy our enemies when we make friends with them. We must..." Mecuriel paused as he heard noise commence in the other room.

"They are fighting in there!" Remiele stood up and summoned his sword as Mecuriel swung his swivel chair around to stare at the doorway.

"Everyone down, guide Mecuriel to the safe room" shouted Frost as he heard clashes of swords in the next room and peeked out the door but backed up as an angry Drakor came charging in as soon as the door opened.

"Shit!" yelped Andros as he saw a vast blur of a white wolf and felt his arm get crushed from Drakor's jaw and stabbed at the wolf with his other free arm.

Winter fended off Drakor with her symbology and grabbed Andros and guided him along side her as they ran after Mecuriel, who walked calmly ahead to the very front of the train as debri fell around him.

"I'm not helpless" yelled Andros as he tried to break free of Winter's grasp but she hung onto him.

"Heavy resistance in the engine room!" Frost clamored as him, Remiele and Kronos fought off Seraphim and Atsuaki. Andros broke free of Winter's grip and ran past them, struggling to gain his balance on the train as it rocked constantly back and forth and shoved his body from one side to the other.

"Ahhh!" Andros yelled as he felt himself impact the wall as the train sharply turned as the train car rocked. Drakor lunged to attack as he saw Andros vulnerable but stopped at the noise behind him.

"Get out of here!" yelled Drakor to Tsukasa as he noticed his son following him. "Go back to Gabriel's house NOW!"

Tsukasa took off with a paranoid look and no words as Drakor felt himself sliding as the unstable train car became more tumultuous.

"We're being driven back!" exclaimed Frost as Seraphim pinned him against the wall with a metal blade against his neck. The siren blared out across the intercom of the train as the train shifted back and forth more rapidly.

"No!" yelled Rio as he ran from car to car, looking for Hibara and Sage and instead saw Mecuriel at the head of the train. Mecuriel slowly turned around and starred at Rio approaching him.

Rio shut his eyes tight. 'I should go back, but...'

"Rio, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO USE THAT!!!" Nemamiah telepathically called out into Rio's mind.

"I don't care...!" yelled Rio out loud as he summoned the dark prophecy circle to stop the train automatically.


"We're gonna hit!" bellowed Drakor.

"Hold on!" shouted Rio.

Rio watched as light broke through the sides of the train and half of the train car broke off in front of him, fireballs shot through the sky as fire spread through the rest of the broken off train rolling behind as the dark prophecy circle appeared underneath. The train rocked up and down as it broke free of the tracks and hit the side of the road.

"TSUKASA" Drakor grabbed his son with his teeth, saving him from falling off the broken opening of the train.

Rio felt everything go dark.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Come on, Rio. We have to find everyone"

Rio arose to the voice, gaining consciousness as he found himself in a turned over train, the debris falling down occasionally around him. In front of him, Grr stood on edge motionless and glared over at Rio.

"Was that you?" Rio asked as he got himself up. He dodged a massive piece of metal falling to the ground on the side of him. Liger didn't respond but instead climbed out of the train out into open falling snow. Rio followed quickly and saw fire abruptly taking over parts of the train. He felt his heart skip a beat as he longed for the aura of his familiar angels. Most of the angels that had been on the train- they were no longer here.

Rio moved about quickly following Liger between snowbanks and hiding behind debri as he saw a few angels fight off each other in massive blasts. He turned back quickly as fire shot through the sky and hit part of the train. Rio's heart pumped faster than ever.

"Secure the area!" a voice called out.

Rio moved intensely, and watched as Mecuriel stood in the midst of the hysteria, alone.

"Where is he!?!" Rio called out as he moved impulsively into the commotion to face Mecuriel. He tried to ignore the numbing feeling of snow overcoming him.

"Where is who?"

"You know who" fussed Rio. "MIZER!"

Mecuriel chuckled. "I would have never expected you to crash the train..."

Rio sunk to his knees in desperation. "I'll join you...I'll do whatever you want...just let me have Mizer."

Mecuriel studied Rio coldly before responding, "no you won't!"

Rio moved with confusion as he felt all the aura's of all the angels disappear around him, then agitated a massive flurry of dark energy at Mecuriel as the older lord stepped aside in disarray.

The attacks from Rio continued as Mecuriel did as much as he could to avoid them, then rushed forward and lashed the side of Rio's head, sending him face down into the harsh snow.

"Your attacks are very powerful. But you are too angry to control them..." Mecuriel gazed down at Rio for awhile before stepping forward to press his boot into the young lord's side. Rio winced at the pain, despite that he could barley feel it from the numbness of the cold. He felt the pressure gone at the sound of a growl in the distance, but couldn't make out what was going on. Finally, he felt Mecuriel's aura disappear and two others replace it.

"Get up, lord Rio" Nemamiah nudged at Rio, forcing him to his feet. "You did what you could..." Rio clamberred to Nemamiah for warmth as Eclipse stood motionless looking into the snowstorm coming towards them in the distance.

  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Several hours Later* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"That's some severe hematoma!" gasped Zember. "How thick was that glass?"

"Come on Mizer, stay with us" Sage carefully inserted a huge needle into Mizer's neck as he started to surgically cut away down the dark kings back, trying to minimize the amount of blood coming out. "Yeah he's no good to us like this."

"Prepare for insertion. An ERCC for one grafting." Zember silently calmed himself assisting Sage with the surgery. "Steady, steady!"

"He doesn't need that!" yelled Sage as he watched Zember nearly jephordize the entire operation by injecting healing fluid too early.

Mizer's heart pumped rapidly upon contact with the fluid and Sage stood entirely still as the dark king moved rapidly on the operation table, his dark wings trying to jut out, but his body was entirely tied down.

"I love you" Rio's face flashed across in Mizer's mind.

Mizer's heartbeat slowed back to normal on the scanner and his body calmed down as Sage calmly restarted repairing Mizer's skin. "Haven't we lost enough angels already today?"

"I'm sorry" responded Zember as they enforced the rod in Mizer's back. "His body can take it." hissed Sage. "We're seconds away!"

"This is miraculous" Sage tied up the skin on Mizer's back a few minutes and activated the rune codes inside him with a small steel device that electrified nerve responses upon his entire body. Mizer's heart beat rapidly in response.

"I think we got him, doc" sighed Zember in relief.

Sage got up excitedly. "Get me an infolink. He may not be king anymore. But we saved him..."

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