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An Aurora on Saturn.

Saturn is an awesomeeeee planet. Dark Angel is the first known king in Imag-E timeline to rule over the planet.

Later on, Karissa is a known heir to the planet's kingdom as future Queen but she forfeits that role to her son Felix who later becomes King with his wife Hina who was Dark Angel's daughter.

Dragons are native to this planet, but are born very rarely. Neao is the last person to receive a baby dragon named Ryu born here from Shenlong, Dark Angel's person dragon. Dragons are breeded for transportation on the planet in the cave bunkers below the castle and are used in flying race competitions. Some people even drink Dragon's blood which is referred to as 'Takk'.

Saturn's main towns (about 3 major city's) have a class 9 shield protecting them from the harsh enviornment on the planet and the day cycle changes differently from Earth, confusing visitors with similar effects to Jet Lag. The three major city's are connected by highways connecting them with class 9 shields. The shields have the ability to manipulate the weather in the town with climate control effects. Special ships to navigate the planets natural terrain are very expensive and rarely used. Special shrine teleporters are moreso used for access to and from the planet with the castle having one of the main teleporters.

The main races on this planet consist of Saturnian's and Expellian's (human race with symbology) making up 98% of the population. The rest include tourists, and odd races such as demon wingers, angels and natives from other planets.

The Castle of Saturn is about 11 stories high and very expansive. There are several secret rooms and passages most unknown by the public and even some of the castle's staff. There are dormitories in the castle which Karissa and her family have been seen to use at certain points in Imag-E. There is a 24/7 major staffed kitchen to the left as you enter the main entrance of the castle which is located across a bridge around a large moat. There is a heraldry arts/symbology stadium which is accessed by the midst of the castle and a massive library spanning two floors of the castle.

Major holiday's on Saturn include Saturnalia which is the Saturn and Expellian version of Christmas. It takes place a few days before Earth's December 25th equivalent. It comprises of gift giving. There is also a heraldic arms tournament which Dias is seen to enter several times. And a Dragon Flying Race competition as well which Felix enters later on as King with Shenlong and Neao secretly enters in with Ryu halfway through.

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