Tohshaka is an Angelic Light Lord (with dark powers at times) that lives among the planet AtaraxiA.

In Toh's earlier years, all he can remember is living inside a bakery house complex and the warm smell of fresh bread his mom made everyday. Those are his earlier memories. Then he ended up in a camp for angel orphans until he was recruited by Xentury to join Mecuriel's fraternity of angels. After much training and falling in love with Xentury, he found out he had been tricked to kill his own brother, Hyperion who had been long lost and had left the fraternity. Tohshaka plotted revenge with the inheritance his brother had secretly left him that Daryk showed him and went back to kill Mecuriel but he had escaped.

Tohshaka wanted nothing more to do with being an angel and started treasure hunting and exploring his symbology on a long vacation.

After Dias comes back, Tohshaka is drawn to the Flac's house because he senses his brother's aura. After taking the power of revitilization that Hyperion installed in Dias, Toh sticks around and helps Christopher, Rio and Kazumi rescue Mizer and Ellipocenes. After combating a Dark Lord, he takes control of the planet AtaraxiA once again where Mizer and his family used to live and remodels the mansion that Mizer had once lived in as his own.

Tohshaka secretly crushes on Kazumi but vaguely does much to chase her as he figures she has enough partners. He is probably one of the few rare elligible bachelors of Imag-E that is never seen with a partner. Toh pairs up with Xeno for a short while to go looking for orbs that contain the deceased Lord's Power as Mizer does the same thing.

Toh does spend a lot of time with Kazumi, secretly hanging out and helping her to attend to Lord duties. He is extremely determined to rescue Kazumi when she goes missing to rescue Orpherus from Seraphim's castle near where the 'Killers' spawn.

Tohshaka teams up with Mizer and Christopher and Rio through the forest, promising Dias that he will always protect Christopher no matter what. After fighting Mecuriel, Toh and Chris head towards Hyda where all the angels have gathered in emergency. There, Toh confront Mecuriel, mostly alone in a shield pit to the death. Tohshaka nearly dies until Kazumi and Chris manage to get to him just in time.

After Mecuriel escapes, and Tohshaka recovers, he puts all his effort into training Chris mentally and physically every day. He only allows the younger Lord one day of rest a week, claiming that Mecuriel has never rested in the past several years.


  • Tohshaka can take the form of a White Tiger, which he learned the symbology/demonic form for from blueprints left behind by his brother
  • Tohshaka's tiger form is White fur with black stripes and violet eyes, while his brother Hyperion's tiger form was black fur with white stripes and blue eyes.
  • Tohshaka lives on a planet called AtaraxiA, meaning Tranquility and peace. This is to represent the easy life he had enjoyed as a treasure hunter. The planet is named after one of Heaven&Hell's islands.
  • Tohshaka's attacks consist of DNA-like spiral strands of Light and Dark Orb's which can explode on contact against the opponent.
  • Tohshaka's weapon is a Golden Desert Eagle pistol which is referred to as a D'eagle. It can shoot both symbological bullets and physical ammo.
  • Tohshaka may not have much actual cash compared to other Light Lords but his collection of treasure he has found, kept and sold far exceed's any Light Lords cash on hand in value.

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