Lord Sabr'e, sometimes spelled Sabrear, is a Light Lord that reigns control of the Hyda Universe. The Hyda Universal Heaven is set up in one of the most family friendly ways of most Heavens and population in his Heaven is encouraged, since most Hyda planets are tourist destinations and there's plenty more room to live.

Lord Sabr'e has a lot of pride in himself and likes to brag, being even careless with money. It's up to Talbain and Rebel, who are normally running the pocketbook of this Heaven and making sure the Lord's needed tasks are done. Lord Sabr'e loves to chat with Gabriel and almost any other Lord about any sorta thing, sometimes ignoring the fact that his yapping can carry on for longer than most other Lords can tolerate. Sabr'e however is very friendly, caring and willing to do what he can to help his followers of his heaven.

Sabr'e is seen randomly throughout Imag-E, often at times with Gabriel and most noticably at first when he meets Christopher for the first time, and later invites Chris over for a Heavenly water balloon fight extravaganza. He then meets Tana and helps introduce Sokhan's parents to Gabriel and Chris and then to meet Tana which concludes to Tana's adoption. Drakor also comes to Sabr'e's heaven first when he is injured for Chrissy's help.

One of Sabr'es major roles was allowing all the angels in every universe to make use of his Hyda IV mall. The mall was huge enough with enough surrounding hotels to take shelter and shield off from the "killers" before Mecuriel came to crash the emergency situation.


  • Sabre has a library where there is a painting of himself and several angel's gathered around hand feeding him fruits that takes up the space of an entire large wall.
  • Sabr'e dyed his hair green just because Gabriel's was green and dyed it pink just because Gabriel told him to. Sabr'e naturally has black hair and hazel eyes.
  • Sabr'es theme is Sabr'e dance by Vanessa Mae, though the only time in Imag-E it is really used, is during a recorded scene of him pretend-fighting some dark angels.

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