Lord Mizer is a dark 6 winger from an aristocratic family.

Mizer aka Klaha first lived in a gigantic mansion on the planet AtaraxiA where his father ruled. His first memories include attending a truce meeting with the Light Lord Eclipse and Demon King Ronixis alongside his father Lord DaruxiA when he was 5 and meeting his eventual best friend Lord Seraphim. After his father is brutally murdered by Mecuriel and he's hunted down by demon wingers in the midst of the war at Heaven&Hell's middle school, he's rescued by Eclipse and starts to learn and accept the other side with Light wingers. However, this is cut short when he finds out Odin was killed and his first lover Remiele corrupts him into becoming one with the darkness again.

After gaining power to the throne of which he inherits when the demon/angel war ends, he prides himself on rivaling Lord Ellipocenes of the same Universe. An angelic conversion war starts and Mizer no longer concerns himself with his impurities, gaining a psychotic side, killing even his own angels so Ellipocenes cannot have them. He trusts no one until his cold heart is warmed up by Xentury, a female dark winger that escaped a fraternity after the lord that killed Mizer's father is sending out angels to hunt her and bring her back. The two of them fall in love and Mizer swears he'll always protect her. After marrying, Mizer and Xentury bear Geno, Meros and eventually Seere. The lot of them have a happy life, back amongst his father's mansion upon the beach.

Seere is born a con-angel, a rare yet confusing angelic type and this enrages Mizer until Xentury assures Mizer, a mothers love will win Seere's conversion to permanent darkness. Mizer accepts Seere's condition. After Xentury is killed by a rival Lord in Heaven&Hell, Mizer becomes more psychotic and takes her death out on their youngest son. Seere becomes immensely depressed due to his mother's absense and Mizer's abusiveness and ends his own life at a young age of 5.

Mizer perversely saves Seere's genetics before his corpse can rot and hires Dr. Sage to create a clone of Seere. Mizer's confusion and pain hopes that the next Seere will be a better rememberance of Xentury but without the con angel inheritance. In the mean time, Mizer completely neglects Geno and Meros, who are forced to retreat and live under Lord Seraphim's care.

The new Seere clone is born and Mizer forces Seere to destroy other angels with inheritance of his excess symbology. The reversal of the con-gene in the genetics lab is so powerful that the new Seere cannot form any morals. This frightens Mizer which forces him to kill the second Seere himself. This creates the first time Xeno and Karissa meet Mizer as Seere's death causes a traffic accident and they detect Mizer's aura nearby. Mizer then retreats into a depressive phase for a long time. When he regains livelyhood again, he learns of Christopher's existance as the new light king and is bent out on destroying him. He implies Fumitaka, Drakor and Mackwell to help do his bidding. Mackwell and Drakor loose interest. Fumitaka, destroying Christopher's grandfather Zen and almost Dias after a ruined friendship, feels he no longer has the heart to do anything to Chris as he see's reminders of Zen inside of Chris. After failed bidding from other lords, Mizer takes it upon himself to kill Christopher but is side tracked by the practically orphaned new dark king Rio upon meeting him.

Rio's role as the new king, as well as his similar age to Seere and Xentury's same hair color that Mizer loved, intrigue him. He ends up adopting Rio, much to Meros, Geno's and Lucid's amazement. After learning of Rio's con condition, Mizer no longer wants anything to do with the younger Rio, a painful reminder- but he cannot rid of him. He grows to accept Rio and then tries to influence the younger lord to work for him. These influences are met with backfire from Lucifer and Nemamiah. Mizer accepts this and continues to rule as King of Darkness, alliancing the vast majority of dark wingers under his kingdom. He convinces Fumitaka to destroy Dias and ends up destroying most of what he assumes will be Chrissy's eventual kingdom in both Lord Gabriel's and Lord Ellipocenes Heaven using dark angel spies, since he cannot kill Christopher under the power of the prophecy circle.

He gains interest in Karissa, as her demonic power rivaled Xentury's darkness and her unique features remind him of Xentury. He takes her as hostage at the end of The Darkest Hours and hopes to intrigue her. Her loyalty stays true to Dias, despite his disappearance and Mizer goes to work creating a child that reminds him of Xentury more than Seere could. He uses Karissa's DNA and ovum's that he stole from her hospital on Saturn via test tube which produces Hikari. Karissa forces Xeno to rescue Hikari away from the castle shortly after she's awakened. This infuriates Mizer who sends Atsuaki and several angels to look for her. In the meantime, Rio's depressed from lack of attention, T-Chan and Karissa being around and most of all, Mizer's insanity. Rio runs away, which calls Mizer's attention to his search party to go from looking for Hikari to Rio instead, as he fails to be able to summon Rio. The search turns up no results and Mizer figures that Rio is well off as dead. With Hikari, Karissa, and now Rio gone, Mizer kills a bunch of angels, calls off alliances and retreats into his own chosen isolation.

After a period of isolation, Mizer unites with his cousin Calintz that promises to help him get back on track with alliances and has become greatly influential among the dark lords. Rio comes back shortly after and Mizer is shocked by his return and his following angels Soy, Rune and Grr. Accepting Rio is back, Mizer allows him to hang around but is still bent on destroying the light side. Rio continuously tries to keep him in check and Mizer tries to continuously mislead Rio into abusing his power. After several quarrels, Mizer goes missing along with Ellipocenes which causes alarm and allows Rio, Kazumi, Chris and the newly appearing Toh to become involved. Upon rescuing Mizer, Tohshaka reveals that he is the true rival to Mizer and not Ellipocenes. Mizer ignores this fact and still battles with Eipo, but finds himself hating and respecting Toh at the same time, questioning where he came from.

When Mizer is rescued, Calintz get's pissed off and sets fire to Mizer's castle on Renozia, after hoping he could take over it during Mizer's disappearance. Mizer rescues what is left of his belongings including a card of his father he forgot he had owned with Odin on it. Mizer and Rio live at Seraphim's castle while their new castle is being built. In the mean time, Mizer see's his first lover Remiele for the first time in years and kills Calintz for his betrayal.

After the new castle is built, Mizer invites nearly everyone over for a grand opening and surprises Rio with the fact that he'll even allow Light Wingers over for the castle warming party. He invites Kitona to perform, who is just starting his career in their new auditorium. Towards the end of the night, Mizer announces a toast on stage to everyone with Rio at his side and then bends over, out of the blue to propose to Rio right in front of everyone. After Rio accepts and runs off with the ring, Mizer continues to socialize.

Mizer later introduces Rio to the second clone of Seere, negating the facts about the first two Seere's. Rio adopts him as his own, but Mizer secretly installs increments of excess power through Sage's laboratory to Seere throughout a long period of time. He brainwashes Seere to attack Fumitaka and Christopher, so that reports of the attack will raise alarm but at the same time would be very unexpected of Seere using distraction while Mizer works on other plans.

Once Mizer hears that Dias is being attacked by Remiele at DPPA, he agree's to team up with Rio, Christopher and Tohshaka to help out. Mizer's curious about Remiele's return and then about Kazumi's disappearance into the forest behind his best friends castle that no one has ever come out of alive. The demonic monsters aka 'Killers' destroy a few of Mizer's angels and the forest behind Seraphim's castle is seemingly where they come out of.

After much delay, Mizer meets up with Seraphim where he found out Kazumi had rescued Orpherus from him and left through the forest. He tries to head into the forest alone with Seere, but is stopped by Rio, and then by Toh's and Christophers arrival. Tohshaka and Mizer fight it out and Mizer is nearly killed until Rio forces Toh to save him. Mizer teams up with Rio, Chris and Toh through the forest and ends up at Mecuriel's castle of Ice and roses after they are stripped of their angelic cards. There, Remiele, Hyperiele and Mecuriel team up on them. Hyperiele is killed, whereas Remiele and Mecuriel make their escape while Mizer, Toh, Chris and Rio are knocked unconcious. Mizer forces Rio to take a light speed train underground with him and they end up underneath the main Sol Hell in Sage Industries, a hidden corporation of doctors, genetisists run by Sage and Mecuriel. There, Mizer hacks Sage's computer files and figures out that Sage never installed his excess power into Seere, but into another boy instead named Andros, the second augmented angel to exist in years after Xeno's development.

This infuriates Mizer, and he see's a light speed train newly installed outside of Sage's castle. He rushes to check it out but is knocked unconcious by Mecuriel. Mizer is transported and awakens briefly in another state of conciousness in a lab, being operated on by Sage and Zember. He wakes up, not being able to detect aura's or any symbology


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