Lord Mackwell is a dark angel, who is tall, blonde hair with amber eyes and nearly the most buff character in all of Imag-E. He is the top Dark Lord of Galaxy Sol's Hell and is very rich, surpassing Mizer and almost surpassing Sage Industries as the most richest Dark Lord.

Mackwell has 3 sons, named Kronos, Kitona and Max. His first wife named Sylvia left him and he got depressed and skinny after that. Years later, he buffed up and dated Lord Gabriel whom he ends up marrying. They eventually have a kid together named Matthew and Mackwell adopts Tsukasa and helps to mentor him when Drakor is not around.

Mackwell has several angel maids, an indoor swimming pool, 3 story slide from Max's room and approximately 30 pet cats who are allowed to roam the mansions. His hobbies include baking and alchemy.

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