Fumitaka Prizech'e is a Dark Angelic 6 winger and Eraser. He has a bit of demon blood in him. His interests include swimming and gambling and his love interest in Nejima whom he ends up marrying.

Attacks: Symbology combined with sword fighting.

Sign: Scorpio

Physical Age: 33 Approx.

Top Angels: Sumiaki and Takaki.

Fumitaka grew up with his mom, taking care of her and hanging out with his friend Zen. It wasn't till Fumitaka was 15, that he discovered he had another brother named Drakor. He heads out to find Drakor after his mom dies but finds Drakor has no interest in communicating with him. He ends up killing Zen, and most of his family due to jealousy and a misunderstanding.

Fumitaka "adopts" Rio after kissing him and making a card with the young dark angel until Mizer takes his role. Most of the time, Fumitaka avoids Lord Meetings and would rather spend his time swimming competitively, watching movies wjth Nejima and going to Casino's. He ends up destroying Dias in a final plight to get Mizer off of his back and then disappears. He later re-encounters Dias and in a brawl of defense, ends up in the hospital due to Hyperion's power. He's visited by Rio and Rio's new friends. Fumitaka recovers later and heads out to Hyda where he partners with Kronos and Sage in a secretive rebellion against Mizer's rising power during Mizer's alliances. He spends his spare time swimming on Hyda and avoiding his nephew Tsukasa. After he ends up on AtaraxiA under Mecuriel's command, his only concern is to escape the island with Nejima. Some odd years later, he marries Nejima and has a kid named Vincent which ends up being one of the youngest angels in the to-date Imag-E timeline.

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