Fan-Fics, aka Fan Fiction, are stories typed out to represent major or silly parts of Imag-E Eternal Aura Roleplaying or to better tell stories.

The parts to Imag-E can be broken down into different time settings/era's.

  • Pre-Image: When Karissa and Dias got together, pre-angel life.
  • The Newcoming Angel of Light: The Chrissy Saga, Chrissy meeting Akira, and trying to please Dias.
  • Much ado about Rio: When Fumitaka and Mizer first meet Rio and their struggles on obtaining power.
  • The Darkest Hours Era is when Mizer looses it and causes Rio to flee after messing with Christopher and taking Karissa hostage, this is one of the most major climaxes in Imag-E although it really needs to be revised.
  • Dias, the light to Destiny: Another one that needs revising. Dias returning with Hyperion's power.
  • Learning Protection: Karissa resumes her life and Dias comes back, Felix is king of Saturn. Peace is restored...kinda? Tohshaka makes his appearance.
  • Tonight the World Dies: Mizer, Rio, Chris, Toh make it through the forest, to find Mecuriel, fight him and then are forced to find their way back
  • This Angelic Revolution will not be Tolerated: Current Imag-E story I am working on.

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