Eclipse, was originally at one point the son of Juliyan and the Lord of Milky Way/Sol Heaven. A light lord of six wings. He resigns later and looses his power to be converted into a Demonic angel.

From an early age, Eclipse figured out he could read people's minds. He uses this at a younger age to influence what he wants, but his father prevents him. After growing up, he moreso focuses his mind on the ability to learn nearly every language plausible in the Universe. Eclipse plays a part in helping to end the angelic and demonic war though he has never directly said how. It is assumed he grew strong enough to use mind control on several influential powerful lords to stop it at once.

Nowadays, Eclipse resides in a large house with acre's of gardens that he attends to. He helps the young Ender train his mind when he figure he has a telepathic ability. He is also a good friend to Karissa and has put certain angels in the roles they are today like Akira being a teacher. His brother Nemamiah later on decides to accompany him at his house for awhile. The two of them try to guide T-chan into his path as a Demon King.

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