Sage is one of the single handedly most influential Angels in Imag-E. Having a Ph.D at an early age of 21 in Genetics, Science, Medical Angelics, and Naprapathy, Sage leads the way as the most educated and most expertise doctor in all of Imag-E. Named after his father of the same name, Sage has also founded his practice which practices Angelic Augmentations of Sage Industries. In the long run, his company causes much controversy, especially after the introduction of Andros.

Sage owns a castle in Sol Hell, which is closely located towards where Mackwell lives. Sage dorm-houses all the younger angels of Hell that are either emancipated or college level that are studying at a chance to be his interns or studying to become leaders underneath the guidance of a new Dark Lord. Sage's large kitchen and living room is a popular hot spot for parties. He has a Mitsubishi Lancer that sits in the midst of his kitchen, polished and randomly on display. His room upstairs consists of the rarest exotic breeds of fish as he was also studying oceanography and marine biology at one point but gave that up. His room has secret compartments hidden behind mirrored walls. He enjoys doing Karaoke at his parties and having Kitona sing with him makes it all the more thrilling. Atsuaki lives across from Sage as a roomate for several years.

Sage is in a 5 year relationship with Kitona. That all comes crumbling down after Mecuriel buys out Sage's work and all of his infrastructure. In order to stay alligned with Mecuriel and continue his line of work, Sage is forced to break it off with Kitona, even though it kills him deep inside. To make up for this, he rebounds to Hibara who has a deep desire for him as his best intern. After Mecuriel is defeated, Sage ends up restarting a lot of his work and research that is destroyed and him and Kitona continuously talk things out though it's not known whether they can resume where they left off or not.

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