Angels appear like humans with angelic wings and symbology. There are several types of angels, but the main ones are dark and light. Their purpose is always debated, but they are meant to watch over other races and humankind.

Light Angels exist in a network of Heavens across the Universe. There are several Universes in Imag-E, each with it's own Heaven and main set of Lords.

  • Milky Way aka Sol Galaxy contains Earth. The main Lord is Lord Gabriel.
  • Renozian Galaxy with Nede and Miloncia has Lord Ellipocenes.
  • Hyda, a network of artificial planets has Lord Sabr'e.
  • AtaraxiA, paradise on a planet named after Heaven&Hell's most isolated island with Lord Tohshaka in command.
  • There are several other distant Heavens consisting of Light Angels, including Lord Kazumi's and Azrel's.

{C}Dark Angels, exist among planets and Hells across the Universe, but are more dispersed unevenly compared to Light Angels.

  • Milky Way Hell. It's dimension parrallel to Earth is unknown but it seems to be in a desolate area. Lord Mackwell is in command, along with Dr. Sage as an influential advisor.
  • Renozia's planet has Lord Mizer and his castle who commands the dark wingers of that Galaxy.
  • Lord Fumitaka later moves to Hyda's galaxy but tends to stay out of most dark angelic business after The Darkest Hours era.
  • Lord Seraphim who's kingdom resides in the furthest corner of the main set of Universes and commands several dark wingers, operating under his best friend Mizer.
  • Lord Mecuriel, operating furthest with a secret fraternity on Heaven&Hell's isolated island. His alliance of Dark Angels is much different compared to other darkwingers.

Heaven and Hell is a set of islands, consisting of dark and light angels under the allegiance of Lucifer and Juliyan's main ideals. The angels here go through conflicts several times throughout Imag-E. This is where Lord Christopher and Lord Rio rule together at the ending of This Angelic Revolution will not be Tolerated.

Con Angels (confusion): Are born from either pure Dark Angels or pure Light Angels. No one knows why it happens or any factors that could help stop it. A Con Angel that is normally born from a Dark Angel will have light wings at birth and dark wings if born from a Light Angel. They suffer from head pains and depression and often kill themselves before or during their teen years. Con Angels were/are looked down on by most Angels, even the family members of a Con Angel despise/abandon them. Some medicine were developed in order to try to help control the Con Angels depression and pain and even to help keep them in the right aura that other people wanted them to be. The aura keeping never fully worked and most Con Angels where lucky enough to have the will power to stay in the right aura or where welcomed in the other. After reaching a point in life many Con Angels don't suffer from the pains and depression they did when younger and become like any other normal Angel.

Some Con Angles are very well known and play a major role in the development of Heavens and Hells.

Cosmic Angel: Know to be the form between Con Angel and Cosmos Angel. This form of Angelic powers was never know of until recent events causing Rune to become one. It is later told from Kazumi / Zumi that its the next phase. Cosmic Angels have half light wings and dark wings. They do not suffer from the confessions that Con Angles do and are not bothered by other auras. Depending on the other auras of Angels they will either feel dark or light aura from a Cosmic Angel.

Cosmos Angel: A form of Angelic powers of pure harmony. Not much was ever know of this form of Angelic powers, it was mostly known as a legend of ancient Angelic times where there was one angel with such powers. It is later know that Lord Zumi aka Kazumi is the one written in historys past of being the only Cosmos Angel to live. Cosmos Angels have the power of all Angels as one harmonious system. The Wings are of a mixed of colors and the power consists of Angelic Lords and Eraser.

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